Personal HotSpot Settings - Apple® iPhone® 5S
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Personal HotSpot Settings - Apple® iPhone® 5S

This shows how to change the hotspot settings, like the Wi-Fi password, on your iPhone 5S.

Note If Personal Hotspot is not available from the settings screen, refer to Set Up Personal Hotspot - Apple iPhone for assistance.

Note For system requirements for Personal Hotspot refer to Apple article: iPhone: System requirements for Personal Hotspot.

Note For USB tethered connections, iTunes must be installed on the computer. Refer to Download and Install iTunes for assistance.

  1. From the home screen, select Settings.
  2. Select Cellular.
  3. Select Personal Hotspot.
    Note If personal hotspot has been previously activated, skip to step 6.
    Personal Hotspot
  4. Select Personal Hotspot.
    Personal Hotspot
  5. If prompted, select the appropriate setting.
    Note The Personal Hotspot activation process may take 1-2 minutes
    Turn on Wi-Fi
    Personal HotSpot available over Bluetooth, USB, and Wifi
    Bluetooth and USB only
    Personal Hotspot available over Bluetooth and USB only
    Note The USB connection is be visible in the computer's network connections. To verify the connection refer to Verifying Connected Networks - Macintosh or Verifying Connected Networks - Windows.
    Select Personal Hotspot setting
  6. Verify the Personal HotSpot switch is enabled.
    Note Enabled when the switch is in the green position.
    Enable Personal hotspot
  7. The Personal HotSpot name is displayed within quotes beneath the Personal HotSpot switch.
    Note e.g. Other users can look for your shared network using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth under the name displayed in quotes (e.g. 15-4-1391).
    Personal Hotspot name
  8. The Wi-Fi Password is displayed in the Wi-Fi password field.
    Note To change the password, select the Wi-Fi Password field.
    Wifi Password
  9. If desired, enter/edit the Wi-Fi password then select Done.
    Note The Wi-Fi password must contain at least eight characters.
    Enter edit password
Last Modified: February 20, 2014
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