Send Picture Message - Apple® iPhone® 5S
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Send Picture Message - Apple® iPhone® 5S

Note This article is for creating and sending an MMS Picture message. Sending a picture by iMessage is done in the same manner. For additional information on iMessage and MMS Picture messaging, refer to Determining Message Type.

  1. From the home screen, select Messages.
  2. Select the New Message icon (located in the upper-right).
    New message
  3. Enter the phone number in the To field.
    enter phone number
  4. To send a message to an existing contact, select the plus symbol.
    select plus symbol
  5. Select the contact.
    select contact
  6. Select the camera symbol.
    camera symbol
  7. Select the option. select picture option



Take Photo

  1. Aim then select the camera symbol to take the picture.
    If the Apple® iPhone is using software version iOS5 or higher, the volume up key on the left side of the device can also be used to take the picture.
    take picture
  2. Select Use Photo.
    use photo
  3. Select Send.




Choose existing picture

  1. Select the album.
    select album
  2. Select the picture.
    select picture
  3. Select Choose.
  4. Select Send.



Last Modified: September 16, 2013
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