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Verizon Wireless and XFINITY® FAQs
  1. What's the Verizon Wireless and XFINITY offer?

    If you purchase qualifying XFINITY and Verizon Wireless services, you may be eligible to receive a Prepaid Citi® Card worth up to $200. The card can be used anywhere Visa® cards are accepted.

    You’ll also receive free installation for your XFINITY services.

    Requires monthly Verizon Wireless service and subscription to qualifying XFINITY services.
    Prepaid Card offer requires new two-year contract for select XFINITY HD Triple Play packages. Early termination fee applies.

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  2. Who is eligible for the Verizon Wireless and XFINITY offer?

    To be eligible for this offer, you must:

    • Be an existing or new Verizon Wireless customer
    • Live in a select XFINITY service area

      Note: To find out if you’re eligible for XFINITY services, please use the Address Serviceability Tool.
    • Sign up for qualifying services from XFINITY

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  3. When will I receive my Prepaid Citi Card from the Verizon Wireless and XFINITY offer?

    After the installation of qualifying XFINITY services, you should receive your card within approximately 6 weeks. You can track the status of your prepaid card by visiting You’ll need your Verizon Wireless mobile number and XFINITY account number.

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  4. How can I check the balance of the Prepaid Citi Card that I received as part of the Verizon Wireless and XFINITY offer?

    You visit the Prepaid Services page on the Citi website and register your card to perform the following actions online:

    • Check your balance
    • View your transaction history 
    • Find answers to your product questions
    Or call (800) 639-2900 to check the status or balance of your card.

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  5. If I sign up for the Verizon Wireless and XFINITY offer, which company will bill me for my services?

    You’ll receive two separate bills, one from each company. XFINITY will send you a bill for associated services, and you’ll receive a separate bill for your Verizon Wireless services.

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  6. If I sign up for the Verizon Wireless and XFINITY, which company should I contact if I have a question about my service?

    If you have questions about one of the services, contact the company providing the service:

    • XFINITY questions – call (800) COMCAST  
    • Verizon Wireless device or service questionsVerizon Wireless Support or call (800) 922-0204 or *611 from your Verizon Wireless phone

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  7. What apps are available for my XFINITY services?

    For information about XFINITY apps available through Google Play™ and the Apple® App StoreSM, visit XFINITY's website.

    Apple and App Store are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

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Last Modified: February 18, 2014