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iPad® 2 Data and Activation FAQs
  1. What data plans are available for iPad® 2?

    You can activate your iPad 2 on The MORE Everything Plan or on a prepaid plan.

    Note: You can activate prepaid month-to-month plans directly from iPad 2 with the activation feature in the Settings menu. You can activate a standard monthly plan or other plans online through My Verizon, My Business Account or Verizon Enterprise Center. You may also activate a standard plan by contacting our Telesales Department at (800) 256-4646, or visiting a retail store.

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  2. Is there an activation fee for iPad 2?

    There are no activation fees for the prepaid month-to-month service options payable with a credit card. Activation fees apply for all standard monthly plans.

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  3. Can I replenish my iPad 2 data allowance within the month?

    Yes. When you’re approaching your allowance limit for the prepaid month-to-month option, you can add additional data from your device's Settings menu. You’ll receive usage notifications on your iPad 2 when you approach 50 MB and 25 MB of remaining data.

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  4. Can I transfer apps that I purchased via iTunes® for another iPad® to my iPad 2?

    Yes, during the iPad 2 setup process, you must sync to your iTunes account. This will transfer all compatible apps to your iPad 2.

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  5. What are the key features of iPad 2?

    iPad 2 is thinner, lighter and faster than the original iPad. It also features two cameras for video calling and high-definition video recording. For more details, visit the iPad 2 Device Support page.

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  6. I currently have a prepaid data plan for my iPad 2. How can I switch to a standard monthly data plan that will be billed to my account?

    Before selecting a standard monthly data plan, you must first delete your prepaid account by following these steps on your device:

    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Tap Cellular Data.
    3. Tap View Account.
    4. Tap Enter Customer Information.
    5. Tap Add or Change Data Plan.
    6. Tap Cancel Plan.
    7. Tap Delete Account Now.

    Once you’ve deleted your prepaid account, call our Telesales Department at (800) 256-4646 to activate a new standard monthly data plan.

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  7. How do I check my data usage for iPad 2 if I'm on a standard monthly plan?

    To check your data usage, sign in to My Verizon, My Business Account or Verizon Enterprise Center. We’ll also send an alert to your email address when you’re approaching your monthly allowance limit.

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Last Modified: May 29, 2014