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Verizon SureResponse™ FAQs
  1. What is Verizon SureResponse™?

    SureResponse is a mobile Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) that offers peace of mind to you and your family. SureResponse can help you get in touch with a loved one or emergency services virtually 24/7 at the press of button.

    When you press the contact button on the SureResponse device, it automatically connects you with a Care Agent. The Care Agent can connect calls to loved ones, caregivers or business listings (e.g., a doctor or the local pizza place).

    In addition, the GPS technology in the SureResponse device can help a caregiver or loved one locate you in the event of an emergency.

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  2. When are the Verizon SureResponse™ Care Agents available?

    The SureResponse Care Agents are available virtually 24/7 to answer SureResponse calls.

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  3. Where is the Verizon SureResponse™ service available?

    Verizon SureResponse is available nationwide on the Verizon Wireless National Enhanced Services Rate and Coverage Area.

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  4. How much does Verizon SureResponse™ cost?

    To sign up and subscribe to SureResponse, the total cost includes the following:

    • One-time activation fee – $35
    • Equipment costs – $19.99*
    • Monthly access charge – $30/month

    The monthly access charge includes 60 minutes of convenience calls. For any minutes used beyond the included allowance, there’s a $0.45/minute fee. 

    *Price when signing a 2-year contract.

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  5. How do I sign up for Verizon SureResponse™?

    There are several ways you can sign up:

    • Online – Visit our SureResponse page
    • Call – (866) 644-4534
    • In-person – Visit your nearest Verizon Wireless store

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  6. What equipment is included with the Verizon SureResponse™ product?

    The SureResponse product package contains:

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  7. Why is a telephone cable included with my Verizon SureResponse™ product?

    In the future, calls from a SureResponse device within range of the home docking station can be transmitted over a home telephone line. This could be helpful if you don’t have a strong wireless signal in the location of your home docking station.

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  8. Is insurance coverage available for the Verizon SureResponse™ product?

    Yes, the SureResponse product is eligible for our Total Equipment Coverage.

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  9. Is my Verizon SureResponse™ device waterproof?

    The SureResponse device comes in a durable waterproof shell that’s splash and rain resistant. IPX7 certified, it offers superior water protection. It can sustain immersion in one meter (39 inches) of water for up to 30 minutes. However, it’s not suitable for extended and continuous water submersion, such as swimming, snorkeling or diving. Any misapplied usage of the device in water submersion conditions may cause permanent damage or may cause it to malfunction.

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  10. Can anyone call my Verizon SureResponse™ device?

    Calls from the Care Center or authorized callers can be routed to the device through the SureResponse Call Center.

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  11. Is Verizon SureResponse™ supported in any languages other than English?

    SureResponse is available in both English and Spanish.

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  1. How do I set up Verizon SureResponse™?

    You can set up your SureResponse device using the Start Here guide that comes in the box. Alternatively, for a one-time charge of $149, you can call Asurion at (877) 686-4436 and schedule a certified technician to set up the device for you.  

    After you set up your device, you can find further setup instructions in the Quick Start Guide, which is also included in the SureResponse package.

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  2. What is an MDN, and why do I need one to use Verizon SureResponse™?

    Your MDN (Mobile Device Number) is the mobile telephone number we issue to the Verizon SureResponse Account Owner. The MDN is required during the SureResponse registration process. An MDN is also required to schedule optional setup service with Asurion.

    Your MDN can be found on your purchase receipt or bill and can be found online on the My Device page in My Verizon. We recommend that you write the MDN in the white field provided on the back of the SureResponse device as soon as you purchase it.

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  3. What is Verizon SureResponse™ Online?

    SureResponse Online is a web-based portal where you and other authorized users can manage settings, such as the user profile and alerts, and set up caregivers.

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  4. What is a Verizon SureResponse™ Account Owner?

    The Account Owner is the individual who opened the Verizon SureResponse account. This person is financially and legally responsible for the account, has the authority to make any changes to the account and can add or remove other users (i.e., caregivers).

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  5. What is a Verizon SureResponse™ user?

    A Verizon SureResponse user is the person who has the SureResponse device and uses the service. There can only be one user per device.

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  6. What is a Verizon SureResponse™ caregiver?

    A caregiver is someone the Verizon SureResponse Account Owner invites to have access to privileges, such as locating a SureResponse device, being notified about the status of a device, and / or making a convenience call.

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  7. How do I become a Verizon SureResponse™ caregiver?

    Only the person who manages the SureResponse account (the Account Owner) can designate a person as a caregiver. The Account Owner can add a caregiver through SureResponse Online or by calling the Care Center at (855) 299-9327.

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  8. Can I pair more than one Verizon SureResponse™ device with a single docking station?

    Yes, a docking station charger can have multiple devices paired with it.

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  9. Can I have more than one Verizon SureResponse™ docking station in my home?

    Multiple docking stations can be located in one place. However, a device shouldn’t be paired with more than one docking station at a time.

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  10. How do I charge my Verizon SureResponse™ device?

    The SureResponse device must be inserted in the lanyard, wrist strap or belt clip holder and then clicked into the docking station charger.

    Note: If using the belt clip accessory while docking the device, the clip (not the holder) must be removed prior to placing in the docking station charger.

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  11. How do I know if my Verizon SureResponse™ device is paired with the docking station charger?

    The SureResponse device is paired with the docking station charger prior to purchase. If you wish to check that your device and docking station are paired:

    1. Press the red Pair button on the left side of the home docking station.

    2. You will hear an audible message instructing you to place the device in the dock within 30 seconds of the Activity light blinking.

    3. Pairing completion will be confirmed by both an audible message and a message on the device screen.

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  12. How do I adjust the volume on my Verizon SureResponse™ device?

    The volume can be adjusted up and down with the volume button located on the left side of the device.

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  13. What is a Verizon SureResponse™ convenience call?

    A convenience call is any call made to someone other than a SureResponse Care Agent.

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  14. Can I locate my Verizon SureResponse™ device if I misplace it?

    As long as the device is paired with the home docking station, the paging function can be used to locate a misplaced device while in range of the docking station charger.

    To use the paging feature:

    1. Press the green Page button on the right side of the home docking station.

    2. The device will emit a ring to help you locate it.

    3. Once the device is located, press the Volume button on the device to cease the ringing.

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  15. How do I set up alerting / contact preferences in Verizon SureResponse™?

    Alerts, such as battery alerts and device mode can be set up through SureResponse Online in the Settings tab or by calling the Care Center at (855) 299-9327.

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  16. How do I change the language on my Verizon SureResponse™ device?

    The language can be changed through SureResponse Online or by calling the Care Center at (855) 299-9327.

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  17. Where can I read the SureResponse Terms & Conditions?

    You can read the SureResponse Terms & Conditions on our website.

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Last Modified: March 24, 2014