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Verizon Edge FAQs
  1. What is Verizon Edge?

    Verizon Edge is a program that provides you the flexibility to upgrade early, and pay for your phone over 24 months rather than paying for it all upfront. You’ll make a monthly payment until your phone’s full retail price is paid off completely.

    After 30 days, if you’ve paid for at least 50% of the phone, you’ll have the option to Edge Up to a new phone without any upgrade fees.

    To be eligible for the Edge Up option, the original phone purchased using Verizon Edge must be returned in good working condition and have no significant damage as determined by Verizon Wireless.

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  2. What are the benefits of Verizon Edge?

    With Verizon Edge, you can:

    • Enjoy the latest technology available by upgrading your phone more frequently
    • Upgrade without additional fees or finance charges
    • Purchase a new phone with a low monthly payment
    • Get more with Verizon Edge with The MORE Everything Plan. Customers on MORE Everything Plans will receive up to $25 off their monthly line access charges each month.

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  3. Who is eligible for Verizon Edge?

    To be eligible for Verizon Edge, your phone must be eligible for an upgrade and:

    • Existing customers of 7+ months must have the last 6 months of good payment history with us.
    • New and existing customers of 6 months or less must pass a credit check.

    For a limited time, existing customers who haven’t upgraded their phone since 11/13/13 can trade in their phones and use Verizon Edge to enjoy the benefits of a new 4G LTE smartphone. This offer is available 2/13/14 - 4/30/14. To be eligible for this offer, you must:
    • Have a trade-in phone in good working condition
    • Pass an internal e-credit check if you’ve had an account with us for less than 6 months

    Note: Prepaid accounts aren’t currently eligible for Verizon Edge.

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  4. What is Early Edge Open Enrollment?

    Early Edge Open Enrollment is a limited-time option to participate in the Verizon Edge program. You can get your choice of the latest smartphone sooner than you would under a traditional 2-yr contract.

    If you’ve had your current phone since 11/13/13, you may be eligible to purchase a 4G LTE smartphone through the Verizon Edge program. You’ll pay for your phone in monthly payments.

    To be eligible for Early Edge, you must meet all the following:

    The Early Edge Open Enrollment option will be available 2/13/14 - 4/30/14.

    Note: You must return the phone that was on your line at the time you placed your Verizon Edge order, and it must be returned to Verizon Wireless within 14 days of receiving your new phone. If you do not, you may be charged a non-return fee of up to $200.

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  5. What devices are eligible for Verizon Edge?

    All Verizon Wireless smartphones and basic phones are eligible for Verizon Edge. Other devices, such as tablets and mobile hotspots, aren’t eligible at this time.

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  6. How much does Verizon Edge cost?

    You make a device payment each month that appears on your bill. There’s no finance fee or upgrade fee to join the program.

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  7. Can I add insurance to a Verizon Edge phone?

    Yes. You can purchase insurance to protect against loss or damage.

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  8. I’m an existing Verizon Wireless customer under a service agreement. Can I participate in the Verizon Edge program?

    Yes, you can participate in the Verizon Edge program provided you are upgrade eligible and enter a Verizon Edge Agreement.

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  9. Is the Verizon Edge program available for prepaid accounts?

    No. Prepaid accounts aren’t currently eligible for Verizon Edge.

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  10. Is the line access fee less on Verizon Edge?

    Yes, for smartphones with Verizon Edge, you get $10 off your monthly line access on The MORE Everything plans up to 8GB and $25 off on plans with 10GB or more.

    For example, if you have 2 smartphones on your plan with 6GB of data, line access on a 2-year contract would be $80, on Edge it would be $60.

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  11. Can I make a down payment when I buy a new phone with Verizon Edge?

    Yes, you can make a down payment which will reduce your monthly Edge payment. However, the total down payment can’t exceed 50% of the full retail price of the device.

    Note: To participate in the Verizon Edge program, some customers will be required to make a down payment.

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  12. How many Verizon Edge Agreements can I have on my account?

    You can have a Verizon Edge Agreement for every device on your account, up to 10, as long as you don’t exceed your spending limit.

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  1. Does the Verizon Edge program require an agreement?

    Yes, when you participate in the Verizon Edge program, you will enter into a 24-month Verizon Edge Agreement. However, this agreement is different from traditional 24-month contracts because you can upgrade after 30 days.  Customers must have a Verizon Wireless service agreement when they purchase under Verizon Edge.

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  2. Can I pay more than my scheduled monthly Verizon Edge installment?

    No, unless you are either seeking to Edge Up to a new device, which requires that at the time of the Edge Up transaction you pay at least 50% of the device following the initial 30 days of the Verizon Edge Agreement; or you are seeking to pay off 100% of your Verizon Edge Agreement, which you may do at any time.

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  3. How can I view the remaining balance of my Verizon Edge phone?

    The remaining balance for your Verizon Edge phone will be listed on your bill, which is also available in My Verizon.

    Note: You won’t have the option to pay additional amounts beyond your monthly payment toward your outstanding Verizon Edge balance, unless you’re exercising the Edge Up option or paying off 100% of the balance.

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  4. If my Verizon Edge phone is lost, stolen or damaged, will I still need to make my monthly payments?

    Yes. You’ll continue to be responsible for your monthly payments under your Verizon Edge contract. We encourage you to sign up for insurance to protect your Verizon Edge phone.

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  5. If I voluntarily suspend service to my phone, am I still required to make my monthly Verizon Edge payments?

    Yes. If you voluntarily suspend service to your phone (with or without billing), you’ll still need to make your monthly payments under your Verizon Edge Agreement.

    Note: If your line is suspended under our military service policy, you will not be billed Verizon Edge payments during the military suspension (limit for military suspend is 3 years and 90 days) and your payments will resume where they left off upon your return from military service.

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  1. What is the Edge Up option under Verizon Edge?

    Edge Up allows you to turn in your existing Edge phone and upgrade to a new phone without an upgrade fee.

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  2. What are the eligibility requirements to Edge Up with Verizon Edge?

    To be eligible to Edge Up, you must:

    • Have had your Edge phone for at least 30 days
    • Have paid at least 50% of the full retail price of the phone 
    • Return the Edge phone in good working condition with no significant damage, as determined by Verizon Wireless

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  3. What types of replacement phones will be accepted when I seek to Edge Up?

    When you Edge Up to a new Edge device, you must provide to Verizon Wireless one of the following in good working condition and without significant damage, as determined by Verizon Wireless:

    • The original phone purchased under your Verizon Edge Agreement
    • An authorized replacement from a valid Verizon Wireless channel (e.g., Certified Like-New Replacement, AppleCare® or a Verizon Wireless authorized insurance replacement phone)

    Apple and AppleCare are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

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  4. How do I Edge Up when I'm ready?

    There are three ways that you can Edge Up:

    • Bring your original Edge phone (or authorized replacement) to a Verizon Wireless retail location where a representative will help you complete the Edge Up process.
    • Complete the Edge Up process online using My Verizon. 
    • Call Customer Service at 1-800-922-0204 and they’ll help you complete the Edge Up process over the phone.

    Beginning April 13th, you’ll be able to complete the Edge Up process at select Verizon Wireless authorized retailers.

    If your previous phone is an iPhone with iOS 7, you must disable Find My iPhone prior to sending it back. To disable Find My iPhone:

    1. Tap Settings.
    2. Tap iCloud.
    3. Tap Find My iPhone.

    You’ve successfully disabled Find My iPhone.

    Note: If you use My Verizon or Customer Service, you’ll need to ship your original Edge phone (or authorized replacement) back using the shipping label provided by Verizon Wireless when you complete the Edge Up process. You’ll be billed for the new phone when you Edge Up. However, once it’s determined by Verizon Wireless that your original Edge phone was returned in good working order, you will receive a credit back for the remainder owed on the original Edge phone.

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  5. Are Verizon Edge phones subject to Verizon’s Return and Exchange Policy and a 1-year warranty?

    Yes. Verizon Edge phones are covered by these policies.   

    Note: once you return your previous Edge phone, you can’t get that phone back.

    Learn more about Verizon’s Return Policy.

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  6. If I return my Verizon Edge phone under the Return and Exchange Policy, will I have to pay a restocking fee?

    Yes. The restocking fee of $35 applies to all phone returns and exchanges.

    Note: There is no restocking fee when you turn in your phone using the Edge Up option.

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  7. If I Edge Up and then decide to return my new phone within 14 days, can I continue making payments towards the original phone under my old Edge Agreement?

    No. Once you exercise the Edge Up option, your old Verizon Edge Agreement is terminated, and you’re responsible for returning your old Edge phone in good working condition and without significant damage within 14 days of your receipt of your new device.

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  8. I am eligible to Edge Up, but I’d rather upgrade my phone under a long-term service agreement rather than a Verizon Edge Agreement.  Can I sign up for a long-term service contract to get a new device if I continue to make my monthly Edge payments?

    No. If you’re currently under a Verizon Edge agreement, you can’t also sign a long-term service contract. You must first pay off the remaining balance of your Verizon Edge phone, either in full or according to the scheduled monthly installments. Then, you can purchase a new device under a long-term service agreement.

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  9. I paid off 100% of my Edge phone. Can I trade it in and use the trade-in value toward the cost of a new phone under a new Verizon Edge Agreement?

    Yes. You’ll receive the value for the trade, and you can use the balance to make the first payment of your new phone. However, you may not use the trade-in value to reduce the retail price of the new Edge phone.

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Last Modified: April 11, 2014