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Caller ID and Caller ID Blocking FAQs
  1. What is Caller ID?

    Caller ID displays the caller's phone number (for all unblocked numbers) on your phone. It may also show the name of the person if it’s already been stored in your phone's memory. Caller ID is included with all plans.

    Other enhanced Caller ID services display the name, picture, city or state for incoming and / or outgoing calls:

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  2. What is Caller ID Blocking?

    Caller ID Blocking blocks your number from being displayed through Caller ID either permanently or temporarily. It’s a free service.

    Note: You can’t block your number from appearing when calling certain numbers, such as 800 numbers and 911.

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  3. What’s the benefit of using Caller ID Blocking?

    Caller ID Blocking protects your privacy by not displaying your phone number to the people you call.

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  1. How do I block Caller ID for a specific call?

    You have the option to block Caller ID either temporarily or permanently.

    To block your number from being displayed temporarily for a specific call:

    1. Enter *67.
    2. Enter the number you wish to call (including area code). 
    3. Tap the Call button. The words "Private," "Anonymous," or some other indicators will appear on the recipient’s phone instead of your mobile number.

    Note: Calls to 800 numbers and 911 can’t be Caller ID-blocked.

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  2. I have to call a number that doesn’t allow blocked calls. How do I unblock Caller ID to a certain number?

    To deactivate Caller ID Blocking for a specific number:  

    1. Enter *82.
    2. Enter the number.
    3. Tap the Call button.

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  3. How do I block Caller ID on all my calls?

    To activate Caller ID Blocking on all calls:

    1. Go to the Change Features page in My Verizon.

      Note: If you have more than one line on your account, you will have to choose the phone you wish to activate Caller ID Blocking on and click Next.

    2. Scroll to the Additional Features section. Click Add next to Caller ID Block.
    3. Click Next at the bottom of the form. 
    4. Choose when you would like to activate Caller ID Blocking and click Next.
    5. Review the changes. If you’re satisfied with the changes, click Submit.

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  4. Can I block numbers that I choose from calling me?

    Yes, you can block calls using our Call and Message Blocking feature in My Verizon, or by subscribing to Verizon FamilyBase™. Call and Message Blocking is a temporary feature that lasts up to 90 days. After this period, the block has to be reapplied. For a permanent solution, subscribe to FamilyBase service.

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  5. Can I block a restricted number from calling me?

    Yes, if you subscribe to Verizon FamilyBase, you can block a restricted number from calling you. To block a restricted, unavailable, or private number from calling you:

    1. Sign in to FamilyBase.
    2. Select Controls.
    3. Select Blocked Contacts.
    4. Select Add Blocks.
    5. Click the check box next to Block Restricted, Unavailable, and Private Numbers to turn the block on.

    You’ve successfully applied FamilyBase filters to block restricted numbers from calling you.

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  6. If the number of an incoming call is blocked, can I see the number on the call detail section of my bill?

    No, this information isn’t available for privacy reasons. "Unavailable" will display instead of a phone number.

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  1. Can I block text and multimedia messages?

    Yes. Text and multimedia messages can be blocked, please call Customer Service at (800) 922-0204.

    If you want to only block multimedia messages (picture and video, not text):

    1. Go to the Service Blocks page in My Verizon.
      Note: If you have more than one device on your account, make sure you’re making changes to the correct device. The device in the white box at the top of the page is the one you’re adding service blocks and editing.

    2. Click the box next to Block Picture and Video Messaging.
    3. Scroll down and click Continue.

    You’ve successfully blocked multimedia messaging.

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Last Modified: July 17, 2014