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Visual Voice Mail FAQs
  1. Do I need to set up my voice mailbox if I subscribe to Visual Voice Mail?

    Yes, your voice mailbox must be created and set-up prior to using Visual Voice Mail.

    • If you have already set up your voice mailbox, you can skip ahead to subscribing to Visual Voice Mail by finding the icon on the device Messaging Menu for Visual Voice Mail.
    • If you have not already set up your voice mailbox, then enter *VM (*86) and follow the prompts to establish your password, name, and greeting.

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  2. How do I subscribe and set up Visual Voice Mail?

     Check if you have a Visual Voice Mail capable device, then follow these instructions below.

    1. Make sure that your voice mailbox and password have been created by calling *86.
    2. On smartphones, click on the Visual Voice Mail or Voice Mail icon.  On feature phones, open the Messaging Menu and locate Visual Voice Mail.
    3. Select Visual Voice Mail.
    4. After a brief message, download the Visual Voice Mail app if prompted.
    5. Enter your voice mail password that you have already created. This is the same as the voice mail password you set up using *86.
    6. Follow the prompts to accept Terms & Conditions.
    7. Select Subscribe.
    8. Wait up to five minutes for Visual Voice Mail to complete setup.

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  3. Do I need a password to use Visual Voice Mail?

    Yes. The password is required since your voice mail is still stored on the Verizon Wireless network until the message is erased. The Visual Voice Mail service requires the exact same password you established in order to receive new messages and synchronize old messages.

    You only need to enter your password within the application upon initial setup of the service. After this action, your password is stored in order to retrieve your messages from your voice mailbox.

    Please note that accepting your password to be stored enables any individual holding your device to access your voice mail messages.

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  4. What is the difference between the Voice Mail products offered by Verizon Wireless?

    Please review the chart to compare features and benefits.

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  5. What is Visual Voice Mail archiving?

    Visual Voice Mail offers you the ability to save important messages to your My Sounds or External Memory Card.

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  6. What can I do with archived messages in Visual Voice Mail?

    Now you can own your message and transfer these files to other locations for additional use. Use these audio files to store memories or for important events.

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  7. How do I archive a message in Visual Voice Mail?

    1. Highlight the message.
    2. Press the right soft key labeled OPTIONS.
    3. Select the Archive feature.
    4. Select whether to save to My Sounds or External Memory Card.

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  8. Can I send a Visual Voice Mail message to an email address?

    Yes, by launching the MMS application directly from Visual Voice Mail.

    1. Save the message.
    2. Launch multimedia messaging option.
    3. Add the email address.
    4. Attach the Visual Voice Mail file as an audio file.
    5. Press Send.

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  9. If I have Visual Voice Mail, will I ever need to call *86 again?

    Yes, on occasion *86 may be needed. The occasions include:

    • Managing your greetings.
    • Updating or changing your password.
    • Data coverage not available.

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  10. Is my network voice mailbox and device inbox synchronized with Visual Voice Mail?

    Yes, in most circumstances the device and network inbox will be synchronized. However, if data coverage is not available, actions taken on the devices (erase messages) may not update the voice mail network box until data coverage becomes available (and vice versa).

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  11. I use Visual Voice Mail. What happens if I change or forget my voice mail password?

    •  If you change your voice mail password, the next time you open Visual Voice Mail you'll be prompted to enter your new password. Visual Voice Mail doesn't require an updated voice mail password unless it's changed.
    •  If you forgot your voice mail password, there are several ways to reset it. 

    From My Verizon:

      1. Sign in to My Verizon.
      2. Click Reset Voice Mail Password.
      3. Elect to create your own password or have one chosen for you.
      4. Enter your password in the Create New Password field.
      5. Re-enter your new password in the Confirm Password field.
      6. Click Submit.

    You've successfully changed your voice mail password.

    From your mobile phone: 

      1. Call *611 (airtime-free) or (800) 922-0204 (toll free) from any phone to reach the easy-to-use automated Customer Service menu.
      2. Select option 2 to reset your Voice Mail password.
      3. Press 1 when prompted for the password reset menu.
      4. You'll be asked to enter your 5-digit billing ZIP Code. Follow the prompts for security verification and resetting your password.

    You've successfully changed your Voice Mail password.

    You may also reset your voice mail password in My Business Account: 

      1. Hover your mouse over the Account Maintenance tab, and click Wireless Numbers & Users.
      2. Select the mobile number that requires the password reset.
      3. Click the Actions tab.
      4. Click Reset Voice Mail Password.
      5. Follow the prompts to change your Voice Mail password.
    You've successfully changed your voice mail password.

    Note: Not all My Business Account users will be able to access this page. Access to the page is determined by the role you were assigned in My Business Account. For more information, please contact your company administrator.

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  12. Can Visual Voice Mail be used with any device?

    Not all devices are Visual Voice Mail capable. Please check the list of devices that support the service.

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  13. What happens if I have expiring Visual Voice Mail messages?

    • Visual Voice Mail holds messages in the Inbox until they are designated for deletion by the Voice Mail system.
    • To retain messages, use the Archive option to save them to your phone or memory card. (You may also restart the expiration counter by exiting Visual Voice Mail and calling "*86." Listen to the message and press "9" to save the message.)

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  14. How do I unsubscribe from Visual Voice Mail service?

    Visual Voice Mail service may be canceled through My Verizon, My Business Account, Verizon Enterprise Center or by calling customer service. Additionally, a limited selection of devices allow cancel or unsubscribe in the Visual Voice Mail app menu. Before canceling the service, you should archive important messages permanently to your device or forward those messages via email or MMS.

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  15. I am trying to subscribe to Visual Voice Mail on my BlackBerry Bold and keep seeing an unrelated Internet page instead. What should I do?

    This issue occurs if you have Visual Voice Mail version 2.0.19 or lower. The Visual Voice Mail page is hidden as a tab below other browser pages that are also launched. In order to locate the proper screen:

    1. Launch Visual Voice Mail from the menu.
    2. Sign in to Visual Voice Mail with your voice mail password.
    3. You will be navigated to the Internet browser. See this example image.
    4. Click on the icon next to the address bar.  It appears as a box with a number inside it.  The number corresponds to the number of open tabs on the browser.  
    5. Once the icon is selected, the browser tab selector will open.
    6. Scroll through the tabs and select the page titled “Download Visual Voice Mail”
    7. Follow the download process to subscribe and install the latest version of Visual Voice Mail.

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Last Modified: June 24, 2014