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Premium Messaging FAQs
  1. What is Premium Messaging?

    Premium Messaging is an option to purchase or subscribe to messaging programs, provided by third party content providers, for premium charges (e.g., charges that are in addition to standard messaging charges). The premium charges for subscriptions recur monthly, while the premium charges for purchases occur only once. Many programs offer both one-time purchases and recurring subscriptions. These programs are initiated through special numbers, which are four, five or six-digit numbers, known as Short Codes.

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  2. What change is Verizon making?

    Verizon will no longer provide billing for Premium Messaging. Verizon will, however, continue to support text-to-donate for charitable programs and text-to-contribute for political campaigns that qualify to use this technology. 

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  3. Why did Verizon make this change?

    Since Premium Messaging was first introduced, technology advances and smartphone adoption have dramatically changed the way consumers access information. These changes, as well as allegations that a vendor engaged in improper conduct in providing Premium Messaging services to some of our customers, led us to the decision to no longer provide billing for these programs.

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  4. How will this change be implemented?

    Premium Messaging providers can no longer sign up Verizon customers for their services. Existing subscriptions to Premium Messaging programs will end no later than January 31, 2014.

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  5. Does this change affect standard-rate messaging programs?

    This change is limited to Premium Messaging only – programs where customers pay additional charges above and beyond standard messaging charges to receive the content. Other messaging programs, such as voting for TV shows and informational campaigns from charities and advertisers, are not affected.

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  6. Can I still donate to charities and make political contributions using text messaging?

    Yes. These changes do not affect text-to-donate for charitable programs and text-to-contribute for political campaigns that qualify to use this technology. 

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  7. How do I opt-out of a Premium Messaging program?

    To opt-out of a Premium Messaging program that is approved for use on the Verizon Wireless network, send a text message to the program’s Short Code from the handset that is opted in to the program. Text one of the five keywords listed below in the body of the message from the handset.

    • QUIT
    • STOP
    • END
    • CANCEL
    If you are unable to opt-out using the keyword, make sure the auto signature feature on your handset is turned off when sending the text message. If auto signature is turned on, you will need to remove the signature from the message body and resend the text message.

    A confirmation of the cancellation will be sent as a text message to the handset. If confirmation is not received and the auto signature feature was OFF, you will need to contact Customer Service at (800) 922-0204 to opt-out.

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  8. How will the Premium Messaging charges show on my bill?

    The Summary Page(s) of your bill will always reflect a summary of Usage Charges for each line on the account, with any Premium Messaging charges listed under Data. The detailed charges for Premium Messaging are available to account holders in My Verizon under Data Usage. Each transaction will show the date of the charge, the applicable Short Code along with the name of the Premium Messaging program and the amount of the charge.

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  9. I cancelled my Premium Messaging subscription, so why am I still getting billed for it?

    The Premium Messaging subscription could appear on your bill due to the following factors:

    • Your monthly subscription begins the day you subscribe, which is most likely different than the bill cycle of your wireless service.
    • Charges for Premium Messaging subscriptions, even if cancelled mid-subscription, do not prorate.
    Therefore, if your cancellation occurs after your Premium Messaging subscription cycle begins, but before your wireless bill cycle ends, you will still have one final subscription charge on your next bill.

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  10. What is a Keyword?

    Keywords are valid commands used to opt-in or opt-out of a Premium Messaging program. Keywords are sent within the message body and addressed to a particular Short Code. Examples are as follows:

    • Opt-In: JOKE
    • Opt-Out: STOP
    • More Info: HELP

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  11. Why do I get a "device not supported" error when I subscribe for certain Premium Messaging content?

    To use or subscribe to Premium Messaging, you must have an EVDO capable device that is provisioned to use data services. A "device not supported” error means that your device does not meet those requirements.

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