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  1. What is is a companion website for use by subscribers of Text Messaging. This site expands your Text Messaging service by offering a spectrum of cool messaging features. Register your mobile phone number at to personalize your messaging experience. Registering is as easy as 1-2-3. For additional information, click on the Help tab.

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  2. How do I join

    To join, do the following:

    1. Enter your 10-digit mobile phone number in Box #1 using ONLY numbers. Do not enter dashes, symbols or spaces.
    2. Click "Send" to receive your temporary password as a text message on your mobile phone.
    3. After you have received your temporary password, enter it in Box #2.
    4. Enter your desired new password in Box #3. You will need this password each time you log back into Passwords are case sensitive. This means that each time you enter your password throughout the site, you must type it exactly as you just entered it above.
    5. Re-enter your new password in Box #4 to confirm spelling.
    6. Click "Save."
    7. Upon successful registration, users will receive a "Congratulations!" confirmation message. Password and congratulatory messages are sent at no charge.


    Password Creation Hints: Choose passwords that are not easily guessed. We suggest you choose a password that consists of at least three of the following: (1) lowercase letters, (2) uppercase letters, (3) numeric characters, and (4) special characters [!#$%&.=_+]. Do not select common dictionary words or common names.

    Note: If you incorrectly enter the temporary password you will receive the following messages. "Unsuccessful login attempt; you have <4,3,2,1> more attempts before your account will be temporarily locked out from new login attempts. Please check the mobile number and password and try again. Note that the password is case sensitive. If you have forgotten your password, click on the "Forgot Password" link. A temporary password will be sent to your phone as a Text Message. After 4 failed attempts, the account will be locked out of the system for approximately 20 minutes, and you will get the following message: "Unsuccessful login attempt; you have been temporarily locked out from new login attempts. Please try again later."

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  3. How do I sign in to

    1. To sign in, enter your mobile number (using ONLY numbers and NO dashes or spaces) and enter your password.
    2. Your mobile number and password can be remembered on your computer by choosing the Remember My, Mobile Number and Mobile Number & Password checkboxes.
    3. Click the "Go" button on the side navigation or the "Login" button on the Sign In page.
    4. You are now signed in. Take a look around. Click the "Sign Out" link to sign out of

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  4. Can I send messages on as a guest user, without signing in?

    No, will no longer offer the option for guest users to send and receive messages as of January 15, 2014. When Verizon Wireless customers visit or select “Send a Message” from the My Messaging menu, you’ll be directed to log in to My Verizon, or if you don’t have a My Verizon account, you’ll be prompted to register for one.

    Vtext users can continue to send emails to [10-digit phone number] to send text messages to Verizon Wireless customers.

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Last Modified: February 24, 2014