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Mobile Broadband Connect FAQs
  1. What is Mobile Broadband Connect?

    Mobile Broadband Connect is a product offering from Verizon Wireless that allows you to use your device/handset as a modem if you subscribe to a qualifying data and/or calling plan. By using the adaptor cable that comes with the purchase of the appropriate mobile office kit, a connection can be made from your laptop computer to your Mobile Broadband Connect capable device. By linking your laptop to your Mobile Broadband Connect enabled device, you can establish a broadband connection anywhere within our Mobile Broadband Rate and Coverage Area. When you are outside this area, your laptop will connect using NationalAccess anywhere within the Extended National Enhanced Services Rate and Coverage Area. If you have a BlackBerry® device or PDA/Smartphone, you also can roam on the Extended National Enhanced Services Rate and Coverage Area. By using Mobile Broadband, you can transfer files, securely access corporate email and applications - even data-intensive ones - and download short video clips, audio files and Web graphics. Having a true desktop-like experience while out of the office will help you stay as productive and efficient as ever.

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  2. How would having Mobile Broadband Connect benefit me?

    Mobile Broadband Connectgives you cost effective wireless Web access. There's no additional device to purchase and you can add Mobile Broadband Connect to your BlackBerry® device, Smartphone, or capable handset. With Mobile Broadband Connect you can:

    • Enjoy quick and easy access to email and the Internet.
    • Get the benefits of Mobile Broadband with the flexibility and versatility of your mobile phone.
    • Transfer files, access corporate applications, send and receive email attachments.

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  3. How do I get Mobile Broadband Connect?

    In order to utilize Mobile Broadband Connectyou must:

    1. Have a Mobile Broadband Connect capable wireless device. Check listing here.
    2. Subscribe to a qualifying Verizon Wireless data and/or calling plan.
    3. Subscribe to a Mobile Broadband Connect feature. To get Mobile Broadband Connect today contact a Business Sales Representative; or call (800) VZW-4BIZ (899-4249).
    4. Obtain the appropriate USB adaptor for your device. BlackBerry® devices and Smartphones come bundled with this. If using a handset, a Mobile Office Kit needs to be purchased from any Verizon Wireless store, or online.
    5. Finally, you need a copy of VZAccess Manager. This is included in the Mobile Office Kit, BlackBerry / Smartphone box, or can be downloaded from

    Note: Although the installation of VZAccess Manager is not required for BlackBerry devices, it is recommended when using the devices as USB modems for Mobile Broadband Connect.

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  4. How much does the Mobile Broadband Connect feature cost?

    The cost of the Mobile Broadband Connect feature depends on the pricing plan that you currently subscribe to. To learn more about Mobile Broadband Connect pricing please visit a Verizon Wireless store and ask a sales representative for pricing information or visit the Mobile Broadband Connect website.

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  5. What speeds can I expect with Mobile Broadband Connect?

    With Mobile Broadband Connect devices that are EV-DO Rev. A-capable, you can expect download speeds of 600-1.4 Mbps and upload speeds of 500-800 Kbps while in the Mobile Broadband Mobile Broadband coverage area1. With Mobile Broadband Connect devices that are EV-DO Rev. 0-capable, you can expect download speeds of 400-700 Kbps and upload speeds of 60-80 Kbps.* while in the Mobile Broadband coverage area. When traveling outside of the Mobile Broadband coverage area, NationalAccess coverage is also included with Mobile Broadband Connect. Users should expect average speeds of 60 to 80 Kbps.**

    *Speed claim based on network tests with 5MB FTP data files, without compression. Actual speeds and coverage may vary.

    **NationalAccess speed claims based on network tests with 101 KB FTP data files. Actual speeds and coverage may vary.

    1 When in Mobile Broadband markets that do not yet have EV-DO Rev. A, you can expect download speeds of 400 to 700 Kbps and upload speeds of 60 to 80 Kbps.

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  6. Can I receive Rev. A service with Mobile Broadband Connect?

    Mobile Broadband Connect devices do not currently support Rev. A.

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  7. How do I set up Mobile Broadband Connect?

    To set up your Mobile Broadband Connect, please follow the instructions that were included in your Mobile Office Kit. If you need additional assistance, please visit the VZAccess Manager Demo.

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  8. Do I need to upgrade my phone/device to be able to use Mobile Broadband Connect?

    In most cases, you will not need to upgrade your phone/device to be able to use Mobile Broadband Connect. However, upgrades are required if you have older versions of the BlackBerry® 7250 device, Samsung i730 Smartphone, LG VX 8100 handset, or the Motorola E815 handset. For the BlackBerry 7250, please visit and for the Samsung i730, please visit You will need to bring your LG VX 8100 or Motorola E815 into a Verizon Wireless store in order to upgrade it.

    Note: You will only need to upgrade the LG VX 8100 if it does not have software version T81VZV04 or higher. The Motorola E815 only needs to be upgrade if it does not have software version 8720_01.1E.00 or higher.

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  9. How can I check data usage of my Mobile Broadband Connect device?

    You many check your unbilled monthly data usage for your Mobile Broadband Connect device through the following options:

    • My Account or My Business Account.
    • Dial (800) 922-0204 or *611 from a Verizon Wireless handset. You must have your Mobile Broadband device mobile number available to check usage.

    Handsets will display unbilled montly data use for Nationwide megabytes and Mobile Broadband Connect in one megabyte total. Smartphones and BlackBerry devices will displayed unbilled monthly data use for email features and Mobile Broadband Connect in one KB total.

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  10. What are the sizes of files I may send or receive?

    Although individual file sizes and user expierences will vary in size, the below graph shows estimated file sizes of common file types.

    Esimated Size of Common File Types*

    Application Approximate Size
    E-mail (1 page without attachments) 

    3 KB

    Word Document (5 text pages) 

    70 KB

    Typical Web Page Lookup1 

    400 KB

    Low Resolution Digital Photo 

    500 KB

    PowerPoint® Presentation
    (20 pages text and light graphics)


    V CASTSM Music PC Download
    (3-minute song)

    4 MB


    *The above examples are just estimates, based on approximate size assumptions. Actual file sizes and user experiences will vary.

    1Graphically intense pages or pages with video can exceed 3MB.

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