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# Features allow you to check key account information from your wireless phone – airtime free. It's a great option when you are unable to login to My Verizon online.  You can access the following info:
  • #MIN - Check current month's unbilled airtime usage*
  • #BAL - Check your current account balance
  • #DATA - Check the amount of data and messaging you have used during your current bill cycle
  • #PMT - Make a payment
  • #UPG - Check your upgrade status

The information will be stated verbally and you'll also receive a free text message.

How to Get It

This feature is available to all Verizon Wireless customers.

How to Use It

Dial # plus the 3-4 numbers that correspond with the letters you want and then press SEND.
  • #MIN = #646
  • #BAL = #225
  • #DATA = #3282
  • #PMT = #768
The information will be stated verbally and you’ll also receive a free text message.

Important Information

*This is an estimate of the minutes used since your last invoice date through {Last_Minutes_Date/Time}. This estimate may not include airtime used outside of your local calling area. You will not receive a free text message if you have a text message block on your line of service. #MIN refreshes minute information at different time intervals depending on the billing system and Area switches. The recording and text message provide the date and time of the last update.

#MIN, #BAL, #DATA or #PMT are only available when on the Verizon Wireless network while in Canada because these feature codes are Verizon Wireless specific and work only on a VZW mobile switch. VZW doesn't have coverage in Canada, in general. Also, while in the U.S., customers can only access the same feature codes while in a Verizon Wireless market.

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