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Verizon FamilyBase™

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Verizon FamilyBase is a service that you can use to monitor the activity of each device on your account, set usage limits for each device and help your children understand how to use their devices responsibly and safely. The insights this service provides are especially helpful for parents and anyone who has multiple family members on the same account. You can also use it to avoid unexpected overage charges.

With Verizon FamilyBase you can:

  • Gain insights into your child’s activities on their devices:
    • Calls
    • Texts
    • Apps*
    • Contacts*
  • Receive notifications and alerts on activity and usage
  • Set up controls on each device
    • Set time restrictions for when a device can’t be used
    • Block contacts that you don't want your child to call or text
    • Create Trusted Contacts that are safe for your child to call or text
    • Set limits on usage for data, messages, calls and purchases 
    • Lock your child’s phone on demand*

For $4.99/month for your entire account (up to 10 lines), you can use this service to monitor and manage when, how and with whom your children communicate. Plus, all the information you need is presented in one simple family dashboard.

For more information, visit the Verizon FamilyBase website.

*Verizon FamilyBase Companion app required.

How to Get It

To sign up, visit the Verizon FamilyBase website and follow the onscreen instructions to receive your 1 month free trial.

How to Use It

You can access your Verizon FamilyBase account online or through the mobile app for Android™ devices.

Refer to our How to Use Guide: Verizon FamilyBase for detailed instructions on how to sign in, set up controls, monitor activities and receive notifications.
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Last Modified: September 22, 2014