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Certified Like-New Replacement Activation and Shipping Guide: 3G Android™ Smartphone

This guide contains general instructions on activating a replacement 3G Android Smartphone and shipping your defective one back to us.

Note: Once you return your Android Smartphone, it can’t be sent back to you.

Step 1: Save your contacts from your defective phone

If you can’t use your defective phone, or you already backed up your contacts using Backup AssistantSM, go to Step 2.

  1. Visit the Contacts Transfer Wizard.

  2. Follow the instructions to transfer your contacts from your defective phone.

Step 2: Transfer the SIM card from the defective phone.

If you don’t have a Global Ready™ phone, skip to Step 3.
  1. Remove the SIM card from the defective Global Ready phone.

  2. Without touching the gold contacts, insert the SIM card into the SIM card slot of your replacement phone according to the User Guide.

Step 3: Activate your replacement phone and transfer your contacts.

  1. Insert the SD memory card (if you have one) and battery from the defective phone into your replacement phone.

  2. Charge your replacement phone.

    Note: Using a charger that’s not approved for your phone can result in the failure of your phone to charge or hold a charge properly.

  3. Turn on your replacement phone once it’s charged.

Follow the onscreen instructions to activate your phone, set up a Google™ account and download or enable Backup Assistant to transfer your contacts.

Once Step 3 is complete, your replacement phone is ready to use.

Step 4: Return your defective Android Smartphone.

Note: You must return your defective Android Smartphone within five days. If you don’t return your defective device, or if you return one that has been subjected to neglect, misuse, liquid damage or unreasonable wear and tear, you’ll be charged up to the full retail price of your replacement device, which may exceed $500.

Follow the instructions below to ship your defective Smartphone:

  1. Remove all accessories from your defective Smartphone, including battery (if removable), SD card, SIM card, USB cables, etc.

  2. Insert your defective Smartphone under the film of the cardboard insert found in the shipping box to ensure safe return.

  3. Place the insert, with the defective Smartphone under the film, back inside the shipping box.

  4. Seal the shipping box and attach the return label.

  5. Drop off at the nearest location of the carrier identified on the return shipping label.

Global subscribers: Please contact Customer Service at (800) 711-8300 to ensure your SIM card number is correct and activated prior to travel.

Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions. Google and the Google logo are trademarks of Google, Inc.

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