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Certified Like-New Replacement Activation and Shipping Guide: 3G Mobile Hotspot

This guide contains general instructions on activating a replacement 3G Mobile Hotspot and shipping your defective one back to us.

Note: Once you return your Mobile Hotspot, it cannot be sent back to you.

Step 1: Transfer the SIM card from your defective Mobile Hotspot.

This step is for global 3G mobile hotspot devices only. If you do not have a global 3G Mobile Hotspot with a SIM card, go to step 2.

  1. Remove the SIM card from your defective global device.

  2. Without touching the gold contacts, insert the SIM card into the SIM card slot on your replacement device. For instructions specific to your device, refer to your User Guide.

  3. To ensure your SIM card number is correct and activated, contact Customer Service at (800) 711-8300 prior to traveling.

Step 2: Initiate wireless service.

You can initiate your service online through My Verizon.

You may also activate your service by calling (877) 807-4646. Have your Customer Receipt with you because you may be asked to confirm information from it, including the mobile number assigned to your device.

Step 3: Connect your replacement Mobile Hotspot to a computer.

  1. Turn off your defective device and remove the battery.

  2. Insert the battery into your replacement device and charge it. Do not turn on your device.

  3. Connect your replacement device to a computer using your original USB cable.


  • MiFi® 2200: Will power on automatically.

  • Fivespot™: Press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds until the icons light up.

Step 4: Activate your replacement Mobile Hotspot.

MiFi 2200

If you have a MiFi 2200 follow the steps below to activate your replacement. For all other devices, follow the steps in the “Other Mobile Hotspot devices” section.

  1. Once the battery is fully charged, turn on your MiFi 2200 and open the Wi-Fi manager on your computer.

  2. Look for the network name (SSID) Verizon MiFi 2200 XXXX (the X’s represent the four unique digits associated with your MiFi 2200).

  3. Connect to your MiFi 2200. If prompted, enter the default password (security key) that can be found on the back of your MiFi 2200.

  4. Open an Internet browser window and enter in the address bar.

  5. Follow the onscreen prompts to activate your MiFi 2200 by selecting Activate or Update PRL.

Other mobile hotspot devices

  1. Double-click on the VZAccess® Manager icon on your computer screen.

  2. Select Options, and then select Activation.

  3. Once it’s activated, disconnect your mobile hotspot from your computer.

Note: We recommend that you check for updates periodically and upgrade to the latest version of VZAccess Manager when available.* Using the latest version of VZAccess Manager ensures optimal performance of your Mobile Hotspot.

Step 5: Return your defective mobile hotspot.

Note: You must return your defective Mobile Hotspot within five days. If you do not return your defective device, or if you return one that has been subjected to neglect, misuse, liquid damage or unreasonable wear and tear, you will be charged up to the full retail price of your replacement device, which may exceed $500.
  1. Remove all accessories from your defective Mobile Hotspot, including battery (if removable), SD card, SIM card, USB cables, etc.

  2. Insert your defective Mobile Hotspot under the film of the cardboard insert found in the shipping box to ensure safe return.

  3. Place the insert, with the defective Mobile Hotspot under film, back inside the shipping box.

  4. Seal the shipping box and attach the return label.

  5. Drop off at the nearest location of the carrier identified on the return shipping label.

* Data usage will be incurred when downloading upgrades of VZAccess Manager while connected to the Verizon Wireless network. Data usage will not be incurred when downloading upgrades over Wi-Fi.

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Last Modified: August 12, 2014