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Certified Like-New Replacement Activation Guide: SureResponseā„¢

This guide contains general instructions on activating your Certified Like-New Replacement SureResponse device.

Step 1: Set up your replacement Docking Station Charger.

Insert the small-end connector of the wall-charger cable into the plug labeled “DC IN 5V” on the rear of the Docking Station Charger and plug the other end into a standard outlet.

Step 2: Dock your Personal Wearable Device.

  1. Remove the belt clip from the holder attached to the Personal Wearable Device by pressing down on the button and sliding downward until removed.

  2. With the holder still attached, insert the Personal Wearable Device into the Docking Station Charger by aligning the Personal Wearable Device’s charge contact points with Docking Station connectors. Push down firmly until you hear the click.

Step 3: Pair your Personal Wearable Device and Docking Station.

  1. Press the PAIR button on the side of the Docking Station Charger. A voice prompt will be played and the Activity light will flash.

  2. Dock the Personal Wearable Device while the Activity light is flashing (within 30 seconds).

  3. The device will confirm pairing is complete with a message on the display that reads “paired with dock.”

Step 4: Activate your Personal Wearable Device.

  1. Ensure your Personal Wearable Device is adequately charged by docking.

  2. When adequately charged, it will display the message “Press call button.”

  3. Press the Call button when prompted. You’ll hear a voice prompt, and the Personal Wearable Device will begin activating. When activation is complete, the Personal Wearable Device connects to the SureResponse Care Center.

    Note: Activation may take several minutes.

  4. Provide the information requested by the SureResponse Care Agent.

  5. Register SureResponse online at, where you can add personal information, caregivers and other required information.

Step 5: Return your defective device.

Note: You must return your defective SureResponse device within five days. If you do not return your defective device or if you return one that has been subjected to neglect, misuse, liquid damage or unreasonable wear and tear, you will be charged up to the full retail price of your replacement phone, which may exceed $500.

Follow the instructions below to ship your device:

  1. Remove all accessories from your defective SureResponse device.

  2. Insert your defective device under the film of the cardboard insert found in the shipping box to ensure safe return.

  3. Place the insert, with the defective device under film, back inside the shipping box.

  4. Seal the shipping box and attach the return label.

  5. Drop off the box at the nearest location of the carrier identified on the return shipping label.
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