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Welcome to Mobile Broadband Connect from Verizon Wireless. Mobile Broadband allows you to use your device as a modem connected to your laptop if you subscribe to a qualifying data and/or calling plan. By using the adaptor cable that comes with the purchase of the appropriate Mobile Office Kit or that is contained in the box for your BlackBerry device or smartphone, a connection can be made from your laptop computer to your Mobile Broadband capable device. By linking your laptop to your enabled device, you can establish a broadband connection anywhere within our Mobile Broadband Rate and Coverage Area. By using Mobile Broadband, you can transfer files, securely access corporate email and applications and download audio files and Web graphics. Having a true desktop-like web experience while out of the office will help you stay as productive as ever.

This guide will walk you through the steps to set up Mobile Broadband Connect with your Verizon Wireless device. By following these instructions, in minutes you’ll turn your device into a modem and access the Internet on your laptop!


  • Have a Mobile Broadband Connect capable wireless device.
  • Subscribe to a qualifying Verizon Wireless data and/or calling plan.
  • Subscribe to a Mobile Broadband Connect feature. To get Mobile Broadband Connect today contact a Business Sales Representative; or call (800) VZW-4BIZ (899-4249).
  • Obtain the appropriate USB adaptor. BlackBerry devices and PDA/Smartphones come bundled with this. For handsets, purchase a Mobile Office Kit from any Verizon Wireless store, or online.

Set-up Instructions:

    1. Access and select "Download Now".

    1. Select your laptop's operating system from the drop-down menu.

    1. Select the device that you are using to tether.

    1. Select the model of the device/hardware that you are using to tether.

    1. Select your reason for downloading VZAccess Manager. Select "Continue".

    1. Enter your 10-digit Verizon Wireless number. Select "Continue".

    1. Select "Download Now".

      Note: If you are tethering with a PDA, you will have to install drivers before installing VZAccess Manager. To install the drivers, refer to Step 3 of the Installation Instructions. Once the drivers have been downloaded, you may download VZAccess Manager.

    1. Select "Open" or "Save" the Download to a Desired Location.
      Note: If you require device drivers to proceed, refer to the Installation Instructions for a direct link to download drivers for your specific device.

    1. After VZAccess Manager has been downloaded, run the application and follow the setup wizard. For VZaccess Manager Installation and Set-up steps, refer to the VZAccess Manager Installation and Set-up User Guide.

Tethering: Connecting to the Internet

  • For BlackBerry or smartphone, use the data cable that came with your device to establish a connection between your device and your laptop, and then follow the instructions above.
  • For Wireless Handset users, use a Mobile Office Kit or Music and Wireless Internet kit, along with a data cable to establish a connection between your device and your laptop, and then follow the instructions above.
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