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Quick Guide for Your Certified Like-New Replacement Device

To track the shipment of your device, refer to the Check Your Status page. You'll receive your order number in your order confirmation by email once the order is processed.

Activation Instructions

The instructions for transferring your contacts and then activating a Certified Like-New Replacement device vary by device. For instructions on activating a specific type of device, refer to the links below:

What you need to know about:

Returning your defective device

Return your defective device within 5 days of receiving your replacement or you’ll be charged up to the full retail price of your replacement device, which may exceed $500.

To return your defective device:

  1. Remove all accessories from your defective device, including the battery (if removable), SD memory card (if applicable), 4G LTE SIM card (if applicable), USB cables, etc. If you’re not sure how to do these things, refer to your device’s user guide.

  2. Insert the defective device under the film of the cardboard insert found in the shipping box to ensure it’s safely returned.

  3. Place the insert, with the defective device under the film, back inside the shipping box.

  4. Seal the shipping box and attach the return label. If you need a return label visit our My Orders page in My Verizon to print one.

  5. Drop off your packaged defective device at the nearest location of the carrier identified on the return shipping label or arrange a pick-up with the carrier.


  • If you don’t return your defective device within 5 days, or if you return one that has been subjected to neglect, misuse, liquid damage, software or hardware alteration or unreasonable wear and tear, you’ll be charged up to the full retail price of your replacement phone, which may exceed $500. Instead, return the replacement device to us in the box in which it came. If you have equipment protection, contact your provider to discuss replacement options for damaged devices.

    If you have Total Equipment Coverage or Wireless Phone Protection, contact Asurion at (888) 881-2622.

    If you don’t have equipment protection, visit to view your device replacement options.

  • Record your return tracking number in case it’s needed at a later date.

  • Once returned to Verizon Wireless, your device can’t be returned to you.

Your Certified Like-New Replacement device

The device you receive may be a reconditioned Certified Like-New Replacement, which will carry the remaining warranty period from the prior device, or 90 days, whichever is greater. This doesn’t limit or supersede any existing manufacturer warranty and may be considered a “warranty” or “service contract” in certain states. In these states, visit for the Extended Limited Warranty or Service Contract information.

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