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How to Use Guide: Backup Assistant - Import Contacts

RestoreStep 5

Manage Contacts Online with the Backup Assistant Website

Import contacts

  1. Click the “Import Contacts” link on the right side of the screen. You will be able to browse to the file you want to import.

    Supported file formats are:

    • vCard 2.1
    • vCard 3.0
    • Outlook .CSV
    • Backup Assistant .CSV

  2. Select the "Import" button.

    Delete multiple contacts 2

    Note: During the import process, you will be presented with field mapping options. You can make changes and then click “Import” button to complete the import process or click the “Import” button without making any field mapping changes to complete the import process. You also can cancel if you decide that you don’t wish to import the selected file.
  3. To cancel, select the "Never mind" link.

    Note: Contact import is intended to populate an empty address book. Importing contacts to an existing address book may result in duplicates.

    Delete multiple contacts 2
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