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How to Use Guide: Mobile Web

With Mobile Web, get access to the best of the Web, on the go, at your fingertips. Get the latest News, Weather and Sports information, access your emails or manage your stock portfolio, all without being on your computer.

You can find out if your handset has Mobile Web by visiting the Media Center website.

Launch Mobile Web



mobile web homemobile web email

From your handset's Main screen, find the Web browser using the center navigation key and press "OK". You will know that you are connected to Mobile Web when the VZWToday page appears on your phone's display.

All Verizon Wireless hosted pages provide a toolbar on the top of the screen giving immediate access to:



Dropdown HeadlinesQuick and simple access to the articles you want to read the most.
Numbered Article PagesNavigation is sped up to save by not having to click through links to get to where you want to go.
Headlines on all Category and Subcategory PagesMore options for better, more concise content.
10-Button NavigationMore options per page saves time and effort.
SearchFind what you're looking for more effectively with the Search function.
ShortcutsSurf more efficiently and save time by not having to click back and then navigate through the portal.

  • Select from up to 7 dropdown headlines.
  • VZW Homepage allows for 10 buttons to navigate.

mobile web

  • Article level pages have top headline with photo links.
  • Article and Information pages now use numbers for quick shortcut access.
  • Article level pages offer shortcut menu option that link directly to other locations inside the portal.




DeckA page you see on your phone. This site offers a way to control the content and layout of some of the wireless links you see on your pages.
FolderContains a collection of links.
LinkAs on the World Wide Web, a link points to a Web page.
A link that you may add to your Home page for easy access. You may add up to eight Personalized Links to the Home page. This link will appear on your device below the eight buttons of the Home page.
FavoriteA bookmark. A favorite can be found on your device by selecting the Favorite link on the toolbar.

Companion Site

Customers can use the Mobile Web companion site to add/delete their bookmarks and enter a profile for themselves. Customers can access the companion site, then select "Manage Mobile Web".

The Mobile Web Companion site will not be accessible starting 04-19-2012. Please use the personalization options within Mobile Web on your handset to customize your browsing experience.


Browse your Verizon Wireless Web categories, Favorites, Subscriptions and Personalized Links.


Customize your Favorites and manage Personalized Links on your Home Deck.

Favorites and Personalized Links are where you configure what you want to access quickly and easily. Go to your Favorites on your handset by clicking on the toolbar at the top of your display. View your Personalized Links on your handset's VZWToday Home page for quick access.
  1. Click on "Add Link" to add a new link to your handset. Links added to the Home Deck will appear on your handset's VZWToday Home page for quick access.
  2. Use "Add Folder" to add a new folder to your Favorites. One level of folders may be created within your Favorites to help you categorize your information. Go to your Favorites on your handset by clicking on the toolbar at the top of your display.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Use the numeric keys to jump directly to a menu item.
  2. Press the "Clr" (clear) button to go back to your prior screen.
  3. Subscriptions can be found under "SUBSCRIPTIONS" and under its appropriate category.
  4. Press and hold the "Clr" (clear) button for 5 seconds to go directly to the main menu.
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