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How to get Backup Assistant on BlackBerry® devices

Note: Backup Assistant is available on all BlackBerry devices except for these older models; for those devices, please refer to the transferring contacts without Backup Assistant page.

  1. You can find Backup Assistant in the Menu of your BlackBerry device. Click the “Backup Assistant” icon to begin downloading the application.

    If you are prompted to give permission to access phone information, click “Allow.”

  2. Read the BlackBerry Preload Agreement. If you agree to the Terms and Conditions, click “I agree.”

  3. On the following screen, click “Download” to download the Backup Assistant application.

  4. Once the download is complete, you will be prompted to run the application. Click “Run” to start Backup Assistant.
    Note: If you need to access the application later, you can find it in the main menu.

  5. Once Backup Assistant opens on your device, click “Next” to begin activation. Your device will communicate with the Backup Assistant server.

  6. Read the Backup Assistant Terms and Conditions. If you accept them, click “Next.”

  7. You will be prompted to create a four- to eight-digit PIN for your Backup assistant account. Enter a PIN and click “Next.”

  8. As part of your setup, you need to decide if you’d like Backup Assistant to send a PIN to your device in the event that you forget your PIN at a later date. You can uncheck the box to block this feature; however, we recommend keeping it checked. Click “Next” to confirm your choice.

  9. Finally, click “Backup Now” to begin your first address book backup.

    Any contacts on your device will be saved to the secure Backup Assistant server, and your address book will now be protected. When you switch to a different device, simply activate Backup Assistant on that device to automatically restore all your contacts on the new device.

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