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How to import and export contacts on Windows® Mobile devices

We’re sorry, Backup Assistant is currently not compatible with Windows Mobile devices. To learn how to import and export contacts on your Windows Mobile device, please see the instructions below.
  1. Export the contacts as a .*CSV using one of the following Personal Information Managers.

    1. Palm® Desktop Manager (Palm Centro™, Treo™ 650p, etc.)
    2. Entourage (Macintosh)
    3. Gmail
  2. Import the .CSV contacts into Outlook®/Outlook Express/Windows Mail.
  3. Synchronize the changes with the new device.

      1. For corporate, contacts will be synchronized over-the-air via ActiveSync Exchange.

    1. For personal, the device must be synchronized with a computer.

      Refer to the steps below for your specific operating system:

      1. Windows XP
      2. Windows 7 / Vista
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