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You have many options for limiting the usage of lines on your account, including calls, messages, data and purchases. These blocking services can help you manage your account and alleviate concerns like:
  • Preventing spam
  • Protecting your child from inappropriate content
  • Avoiding unexpected overage charges
This page lists a variety of services available that help you manage how the devices on your account are used. When you’ve determined the service that best fits your specific needs, click on the service name for more information.

Verizon FamilyBase™Content FilteringInternet Spam BlockingCall & Message BlockingBlock Services
Cost$5/month for up to 10 linesNo chargeNo chargeNo chargeNo charge
Temporarily block calls and messages from specific numbersX
Permanently block calls and messages from specific numbersX
Block specific email addressesXX
Block specific web domainsX
Block restricted, private or unknown numbersX
Prevent purchases of apps, ringtones and in-app itemsXX
Prevent usage of data or messagingXX
Set limits on minute, messaging and data usage for each line on
your account
Only allow calls and messages to certain numbersX
Set certain times when a device on your account can be usedX
Filter content on a device based on age appropriate settingsXX
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Last Modified: June 19, 2014