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Verizon Wireless offers many options to help customers limit the use of services on their account and to limit messages and downloads sent and received. Reasons may vary from preventing spam and nuisance calls, content control by a parent or employer, or ensuring that a teenager or an employee on the account does not run up a large bill. Review the different scenarios to decide which option fits best. Most options are available to select in My Verizon.

Verizon FamilyBase™ gives you the tools to control your child’s cell phone usage.

Features include:

$5.00 per month up to 10 lines

Content Filtering - Manage appropriate content levels on a wireless handset. (Feature is available at no charge.)
Usage Limit
  • Voice - Text alert is sent before and when the threshold is reached. Voice usage is not blocked thereafter.
  • Text - Text alert is sent before and when the threshold is reached. Text usage is blocked at the threshold.
Time Restrictions - You can set periods of time during the day (for example school hours) or night when your child is not allowed to place/receive calls, send/receive text, mulitmedia messages or download content.
Blocked Numbers - You can specify phone numbers that will not be able to contact your child. And, your child will also be prevented from calling or sending messages to these same numbers. You can also block outbound calls to 411 Directory Assistance and all incoming calls from numbers listed as private, restricted and unavailable.
Trusted Numbers - Designate 10-digit wireless or landline numbers that can always reach your child; regardless of other Parental Control restrictions (such as Time Restrictions) you set.

To prevent Spam message:

Internet Spam Blocking
Available at no charge

These settings are found at My Verizon > Verizon Family Safeguards & Controls > Spam Controls > Internet Spam Blocking

Options available:

  • Block all messages originated from web.
  • Block up to 15 specific email address and/or web domains (i.e.
  • Block messages sent from all email addresses.
Call & Message Blocking
Available at no charge

These settings are found at My Verizon > Verizon Family Safeguards & Controls > Spam Controls > Call & Message Blocking

Options available:

  • Block all calls & messages originated from specific numbers.
  • Block up to 5 specific numbers.

To Block Downloads/Use of Specific Services
Blocks are available at no charge. For more information, see the Block and Unblock Services Support page.

Block Application Downloads / 
Media Center

Block Media Center downloads. Does not block usage on apps downloaded earlier. (e.g. if you already have Verizon Tones you can still download music)

Premium Messaging Block 

Prohibits new subscriptions to or continued use of premium fee based SMS and MMS (Multimedia) messaging programs to the selected mobile number. (i.e., ringtones downloads, chat) while allowing all other messaging services to work as usual.

PSMS Blocking will terminate all current Premium SMS programs at the time the blocking feature is activated and MMS programs at the next subscription payment date and thereafter. No credits or pro-rating will be applied to the Premium SMS fees already incurred.

All non-premium messaging services will continue to be billed per your Calling Plan and Messaging Bundle or at the standard messaging rate as applicable.

Media Center Block

Prevents and blocks access to the Media Center, from both the device and the PC.

Video Block 

Prevents access or provisioning of Verizon videos.

Mobile Web Block 

Prevents access to Mobile Web.
Multimedia Messaging BlockPrevents access to Multimedia messages.

Ringback Tones Block 

Prevents subscription to Ringback Tones service.
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