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Mobile Broadband Built-in for Lenovo Laptops

Welcome to the Mobile Broadband Built-in support webpage for Lenovo. This page contains information specific to Mobile Broadband troubleshooting for Lenovo laptop models only.

Note: On some Lenovo models, the connection software used may be Lenovo's Mobile Broadband Connect. This software application is supported by Lenovo. Verizon Wireless may have very limited support for this application.

If you're having difficulty connecting when using VZAccess Manager, select any of the following possible resolutions: 

Check Signal Strength
Check Software Version
Check Subscription Service
Run Activation
Restart Computer
Delete and Recreate Connections
Uninstall/Reinstall Software

Additional Help Information: VZAccess Manager

Mobile Broadband Devices FAQs
VZAccess Manager FAQs
User Guide
Interactive "How To" Simulator
Download Software

For more troubleshooting information, visit Lenovo's Support website.
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