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My Verizon Security Image Information

My Verizon is more secure than ever

We don’t want anyone to access your My Verizon account without your permission. That’s why we’re using the latest security technologies to protect your private information from potential phishing scams and unauthorized use. It’s called a Security Image. For more information, see our Security Image FAQs.

A Security Image protects you by letting you know it’s really us

Criminals can create fake websites that look very similar to legitimate business websites. The Security Image feature was created to help you confirm you’re visiting a legitimate Verizon Wireless website and to identify your My Verizon account.

Once you’ve selected a Security Image for your account, it will appear every time you enter your User ID on the Sign In page for My Verizon. When you see your Security Image, you’ll know that you’re accessing an official Verizon Wireless website, not a fraudulent phishing website.

Computer registration protects you by letting us know it’s really you

When we see attempted access to your account from a computer we don’t recognize, we’ll ask a Secret Question you’ve selected. It’s an added step of protection just in case your login credentials end up in the wrong hands.

With these and other security technologies in place, you can have confidence that your My Verizon account is secure and your personal information is safe.

How to Set Up Your Security Image

When prompted, you can set up your Secret Question and your Security Image in a few simple steps:
  1. Select a Secret Question and enter your answer.

    You’ll choose from a list of questions that focus on a distinct aspect of your life. Then you’ll enter your own unique answer. Your answer should be something that’s easy for you to remember, but hard for someone else to guess. If you need to access your My Verizon account from a computer we don’t recognize, we’ll prompt you to answer your Secret Question to help verify your identity.

  2. Select a Security Image and name it.

    You’ll be presented with a variety of images to choose from. Select one and create a name for it that’s easy to remember and hard for others to guess. Once you’ve chosen a Security Image, you’ll see the image and the name every time you enter your User ID. 

    This lets you know that you’re on the legitimate My Verizon website, and that it’s safe to enter your password. It helps protect you from phishing scams, designed to capture your login information.

  3. Register your device.

    If the personal mobile device or computer you’re using is one that you regularly use to access My Verizon, you can register it. This will help us recognize that's it's really you, and you won't need to answer your Secret Question the next time you sign in from that device.
It’s important to always keep your Secret Question and answer private, and never register a public computer.

Refer to our Security Image FAQs to learn more about these new security measures.

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Last Modified: July 23, 2014