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Voice Mail Comparisons

Basic Voice Mail (included)Visual Voice Mail ($2.99)iPhone® Visual Voicemail (included)Basic Visual Voice Mail (included)Premium Visual Voice Mail ($2.99)
Storage Capacity20 messages40 messages40 messages20 messages40 messages
Message Duration3 minutes5 minutes3 minutes3 minutes5 minutes
Voice Mail to Text1,3--------Yes
Caller Dependent Greetings2--20----20
Caller Dependent Greeting members per group--50----50
Call Return--
Reply by text message and email------
Forward by text message and email----
Save Voice Mails to Device----
Contact List Integration--
Fax Support------
Distribution Lists1520--1520
Distribution Members1050--1050
Personal Operator------
Mobile Application--
Reply by Facetime®--------

-- Not Available
√ Available

1. Voice Mail to Text: Discreetly read voice mails without listening to them
2. Caller Dependent Greetings: Create personal greetings for a caller or a group of callers
3. Only the first 45 seconds of each voice message will be transcribed

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