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Change Minutes, Text or Data - My Verizon Support

In My Verizon, you can change the monthly voice, messaging and data allowances for the various lines on your account. An allowance is the amount of minutes, messages and data that’s included with your plan each month. If you go beyond your monthly allowance, you’ll be billed at the pay-as-you-go rate outlined in your plan.

Prepaid accounts: To manage your minutes, text or data plan, go to the Change Prepaid Calling Plan page in My Verizon.



  • Convenience. Change voice, messaging and data allowances on-the-go.
  • Savings. Cut costs by adjusting your monthly allowance at any time if your regular usage changes, if you expect it to change or if you’re close to reaching your limit for the current month. Learn more about monitoring your usage.
  • Flexibility. Select the right plan for each line on your account.

How To Change Your Minutes, Text or Data

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Who Is Eligible?

  • Account Owner
  • Account Manager
  • Account Member
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Top Questions

  • How do I change my minutes, text or data online?
    If you have The MORE Everything Plan, your minutes and texts are unlimited, so you’ll only have options to change your data online. All other plans will have options for changing each allowance (i.e., minutes, text and data).

    To change your minutes, text or data:
    1. Go to the Change Minutes, Text or Data page in My Verizon. 
    2. If you have multiple lines on your account with separate plans, select the plan you’d you like to make a change to, and click Next.
    3. Select the voice, messaging and/or data plan you’d like to have.
    4. Click Next at the bottom of the page.
    5. Select the date when you want your changes to take effect and click Next.
    6. Review your changes and click Submit Changes.

    You’ve successfully changed your minutes, text or data.
  • Where can I view information about my minutes, text or data allowances?
    To view the details of your current plan and minutes, text or data allowances, refer to the My Usage section of the Overview page in My Verizon. Click on the headers within the section to see details about your allowances and usage.

    Note: If you have more than one line on your account, select the mobile number you want information about from the dropdown in the My Device section.
  • Can I increase the minutes on my current plan if it’s a discontinued plan?
    No, you won’t be able to increase the minutes on a discontinued plan. You’ll need to change to a plan that‘s currently available.
  • Can I change my minutes, text or data plan online if I have a pending order on my account?
    No, if you currently have a pending order on your account, you won’t be able to change your minutes, text or data plan online until the pending order is complete. Learn more at our Pending Orders Information page.

    Note: An Account Owner or Account Manager can request a pending order to be removed from an account by calling Customer Service at (800) 922-0204. Learn more about account access roles. If a pending order is removed, then it’s canceled and the order will have to be placed again.
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