Mobile Web - Terms & Conditions

Mobile Web - Terms & Conditions

Optimized View for Mobile Web allows mobile devices to view the full HTML version of most websites but does not change the content of the sites. You have the option to turn off Optimized View for Mobile Web. For additional information, please follow the instructions in How do I disable Optimized View for Mobile Web?

Data services such as Mobile Web, Optimized View for Mobile Web and Dashboard permit access to the Internet and third-party information, content and services through your wireless device. Internet access is inherently insecure, and discretion should be used when disclosing and transmitting information using these services. When you attempt to access secure sites (https) using Optimized View for Mobile Web, any personal information that you provide may not be secure. In order for Optimized View for Mobile Web to make your access to secure sites more user friendly, at one point in the process, your personal information must be unencrypted. However, your personal information will be protected during this process and re-encrypted before it is sent over the Internet. You will be notified before any secure connections are initiated with Optimized View for Mobile Web, and you will have the option to consent to sending the information, or you can cancel the request. Optimized View for Mobile Web is not available for certain secure sites provided by entities such as banks and credit unions. You still have the option to attempt to connect to these web sites directly from your phone, without Optimized View for Mobile Web, but your browsing experience may be diminished.

You may incur usage charges when using these services, unless you subscribe to a plan or feature that includes unlimited sending and receiving of data. Verizon Wireless is not responsible for any information, content or services you access, download or use. You are responsible for all use and misuse associated with your account and all charges associated with third-party subscriptions and purchases made through your account.

When you visit a site or use a service, you do so at your own risk and any information you involuntarily or voluntarily provide to third parties may be subject to their intellectual property, privacy, use and other policies. Not all sites and services are accessible through wireless devices. Use of security software, blocking processes or filtering mechanisms are recommended to protect you, your information, your assets and others using wireless devices on your account. These services are not intended for business use which may require compliance with regulatory obligations. For additional information, visit the Verizon Content Policy at:  

Optimized View Opt-Out Process
For those website owners\operators that do not wish to participate in Verizon Wireless Optimized View enhancement, please go the following URL to submit your opt-out request.  

For those website owners\operators that believe a fraudulent or inadvertent opt-out request has been submitted to Verizon Wireless, please visit the aforementioned URL for more information.

Last Updated: 01/2009