Tech Coach - Terms & Conditions

Verizon Tech Coach - Terms & Conditions

The Tech Coach Service is subject to the following  terms and conditions (collectively “Terms” or “TOS”).

Tech Coach is a monthly subscription service that may be referred to as Service, Subscription Service, and Tech Coach in these TOS. The Service also may be described at (“Site”).
Supported Devices. Tech Coach Service includes remote support, as described below, for one qualifying (i) Feature Phone or Smartphone; (ii) iPhone; (iii) Laptop Connect Card or MiFi device; or (iv) Tablet Device (each, a “Supported Device”). Tech Coach Service is available to Verizon Wireless customers with a qualifying Verizon Wireless data plan and a Supported Device.  A list of Supported Devices is available at or by calling 1-800-881-2622.
Tech Coach Service requires an active Verizon Wireless account, and may require an existing and functioning high-speed/broadband Internet connection, compatible home Wi-Fi gateway/router (as applicable), and a functional/working PC with Windows XP or newer OS to receive all included services. Limited support may be available for customers with an Apple computer with Macintosh OS X, 10.4 Tiger or 10.5 Leopard and above. Wireless data usage charges may apply to the Tech Coach Service, and You are solely responsible for the payment of any wireless data usage charges.
Tech Coach includes technical and diagnostic support for the Supported Device, operating systems and software applications on, or intended to be used by, the Supported Device and connectivity issues between the Supported Device and a “Connected Device,” which is a device that meets the Supported Device’s connectivity specifications and runs an operating system that is supported by the Supported Device.
Tech Coach does not include: assistance with network coverage issues (for example, dropped calls/data interruptions); over-the-air updates to operating system, firmware, or other software; diagnostic support not related to the Supported Device; modification of OEM software; installation of third-party software or OEM driver not supported by the Supported Device; computer setup, support or repair; home or wireless router/modem or network setup, support or repair; peripheral setup, support or repair;  installation of non-sanctioned applications; data migration from computer to computer.
Reasonable Effort Service. Tech Coach Services include, but are not limited to, assistance in the areas of troubleshooting, installation, configuration, and set up of certain products, devices, systems, and applications. Services do not include fundamental training needs on software packages nor programming or development support. Services are “reasonable efforts” services. This means that, if Verizon Wireless is unable to resolve your problem after making reasonable efforts, Verizon Wireless reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to end further efforts to resolve the problem. If Verizon Wireless exercises this right, you will remain liable for all service charges.
Right to Terminate. Verizon Wireless reserves the right to discontinue and terminate Service for abuse, excessive usage, or any other reason in its sole discretion.
Refunds. If Verizon Wireless exercises its right to end or terminate Service and Verizon Wireless in its sole discretion agrees to pay a refund, such refund will be limited to the one month price for the Subscription Service.
Remote Access Application. To receive Services, you may be required to download and run certain software applications (i) on your PC to aid in the diagnosis and/or remote diagnosis of issues and (ii) on your Supported Device to aid in the diagnosis of issues (“Software”). You are prohibited from, and expressly agree not to, copy or modify Software or other materials provided with the Service. You further agree to comply with the terms and conditions that are provided with any Software and, in the event of a conflict, such Software-specific terms and conditions will take precedence over these TOS only as to such Software.
Other General Terms.  Verizon Wireless has limited proprietary information from vendors, manufacturers, and  developers and may not have the ability to obtain the proprietary information that may be necessary to resolve a specific technical problem. Technical problems that may arise may be the result of software or hardware errors not yet resolved by the hardware or software manufacturer, in which case Verizon Wireless may not be able to resolve the problem.  
Customers are encouraged to follow a practice of regularly backing up information. Verizon Wireless may, but is not required to, decline to proceed with problem resolution if Verizon Wireless determines that adequate back-up steps are not being taken. To receive the Services, you may need to perform specific actions toward resolution of the problem, such as buying cables or acquiring software.
Representations and Authorizations by Customer. You represent and warrant you are an authorized user  of the software on your device and/or PC  and that you own or are an authorized user of any hardware or network devices you request Verizon Wireless to assist you with in association with the Services. Verizon Wireless will not assist you if you are not  the authorized user of the software on your device or of all devices. You authorize Verizon Wireless to effect changes to your computer(s) and settings for your computer and other equipment as a result of providing Services.