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Enjoy the big screen of a portable tablet

Stay connected to the people and things you love while enjoying videos, games and more on a large screen with a Verizon-powered tablet. Edit documents on the go, plan a gathering with friends or shop online—Verizon offers tablets in several sizes, all on America's largest and most reliable 4G LTE more

$200 off select Tablets

Tablets are powerful computers that help you unwind with movies and games, let you organize your life with apps or take your office on the road. Tablets are bigger than a smartphone, offering more screen space for easier viewing and working. But they’re more compact, weigh less and are easier to carry than a laptop.

Looking for ways to keep your kids entertained on a trip? With 4G LTE tablets for kids, they can watch a movie or play games from the backseat. Want something to do in the hotel room? Relax with an e-book or browse the latest news or your Facebook® feed on the large tablet screen.

With a tablet, you can stream music to a wireless speaker, watch your favorite YouTube™ videos, follow recipes in the kitchen, check your email, video chat and more.


When getting a tablet, an important consideration is screen size (the diagonal measurement across the screen, typically listed in inches). Smaller tablets like the Verizon Ellipsis™ 8 are designed to grab and go, offering all the benefits of a tablet plus a compact design. Larger tablets, such as the LG G Pad™ 10.1 LTE, offer more screen space, making it easier to watch a video with a friend, edit a document or read an e-book. 

Other important things to consider to find the best tablet for you:

Will you share it? If you plan to let others—kids, friends, family or co-workers—use your tablet on occasion, look for one that supports multiple users. With separate logins, each person can only access certain apps, and you can keep them from accessing your important information.

How often will you use Google™ products? The operating system, or OS, is what you interact with when using a tablet. Each OS connects you to what’s important, but they differ in what built-in services are offered. Android™, for example, comes with Google services, so you can browse the web in Chrome™ or watch YouTube™ videos without downloading new apps. A tablet with Windows® comes preloaded with familiar Microsoft® productivity apps.


Verizon offers America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network, keeping what’s important to you within reach when you’re on the go. There are plenty of reasons to get a tablet from Verizon:

  • Verizon XLTE doubles the 4G LTE bandwidth in cities nationwide. That means more people can enjoy faster peak speeds, allowing you to stream, share and do more.
  • Outfit your tablet with a huge selection of accessories, including wireless speakers that add life to your movie-watching and chargers that help your tablet keep up with you. Enjoy free shipping on accessories from Verizon.

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