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Samsung Tablets

Featuring vivid displays and empowering features

Want a tablet so you can stream movies, play fun game apps and even catch up on work? Choose from Verizon’s great lineup of Samsung tablets that offer endless entertainment options and intuitive multi-use features for work and more


Lightweight, portable designs. Brilliant displays. Apps that help you multitask. Stay connected, productive and entertained with a Verizon-powered Samsung tablet. With a Samsung Galaxy Tab® or Galaxy Note® tablet, you can:

  • Do two things simultaneously. Quickly check your email while streaming a movie.
  • Share easily with friends and family. Create multiple user logins, so you can let others use the tablet while maintaining your privacy.  
  • Entertain yourself. Stream online shows on a vivid display, or use the WatchON™ app to control your TV. Samsung tablet apps create so many possibilities.

Features may vary by tablet.


When choosing which Samsung tablet is best for you, consider the display size and multitasking capabilities.

  • Display size. Samsung tablets feature crisp, pixel-packed screens ranging from 8 inches to 12.2 inches. Bigger screens let you enjoy the rich colors and details of your videos and pictures, and they’re great when more than one person is looking at the screen. Smaller displays mean the tablet is more compact and easier to take on the go.
  • Multitasking: The power of a pen. Samsung tablets have efficient features, like being able to use two apps at once, but only the Note tablets come with the S Pen™. The intelligent S Pen allows you to explore multiple windows and apps or handwrite personal notes and create images.

Verizon offers the latest Samsung tablets powered by America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network. Playing game apps while on the bus or catching up on emails at a nearby café? Stay connected with an intuitive Samsung tablet and fast Verizon 4G LTE.

There’s even more benefits to having a Samsung tablet powered by Verizon:

  • My Verizon allows you to monitor your data usage and manage your account 24/7. Add services, enroll in paperless billing and more.
  • Get free shipping and save money with accessory bundles for Samsung tablets. Verizon offers a wide selection of accessories online and in stores, from comfortable headphones to wireless keyboards.
  • Verizon XLTE is the ultra-powerful network that doubles the 4G LTE bandwidth in cities nationwide and boosts your ability to stream, share and do more of what you want.

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