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Verizon Jetpack® mobile hotspots are small devices that can create many connections. They’re 4G LTE mobile hotspots that can link Wi-Fi-enabled devices, such as cameras and portable gaming units, to the Internet. Want to take a laptop and tablet on a trip but don’t have a data connection? Verizon Jetpack can simultaneously link both of them and more to super-fast 4G LTE. They are small enough to fit in your pocket and come with advanced security features....read more


Wireless Home Phone is an adapter that allows you to connect your home phone to Verizon’s fast and reliable network.

To connect your home phone service to Verizon, simply get a new home phone number or transfer your current one to a Verizon Wireless account. Then, simply unplug your telephone cord from the wall and plug it into the Wireless Home Phone device.


Wireless Home Phone is designed to operate anywhere there’s Verizon Wireless coverage. So your coverage at home will be as good as what you’re experiencing with your current Verizon Wireless device.

The Verizon Wireless coverage map shows approximate coverage. Be sure to confirm the actual coverage at your home. Other factors, including terrain, nearby buildings and your equipment can also affect your service.


Sometimes keeping track of all of your bills and accounts can be confusing. That’s why Wireless Home Phone is a great home and office solution—because it lets you group your Verizon home phone bill with your other Verizon services.

But the benefits go beyond that.

Wireless Home Phone calling features include: call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way calling, voice mail, last-number callback, international calling (with iDial feature or an international calling card) and caller ID.

And don’t worry about having to reach out to all of your contacts with your new number. When you switch to Wireless Home Phone, you can keep your old one.

With your home or office phones connected to Verizon’s network, you’ll remain efficient and productive while managing your home or business.

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