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4G LTE USB Modems.
Plug In and Go.

Just plug one of Verizon's 4G LTE USB Modems
into your laptop and get access to the web at
lightning-fast speeds. It's the Internet you want,
when you want it.


What You Want,
When You Want It

What can a 4G LTE USB Modem do for you? This video gives an overview, shows how easy they are to set up and even reveals a few uses that might surprise you.


4G LTE USB Modems. A Closer Look.

Compact Size

Unleash the speed of 4G LTE. Plug in your Verizon 4G Modem and enjoy the freedom of accessing the web at lightning-fast speeds. It's enormous power, all in one tiny device.


Mobile, Meet Secure

Mobile Hotspots from Verizon give you the same protections as Wi-Fi at home. If someone wants to connect, they'll need your permission first — and the password-protected log-in.


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Reliability Here and Now. Our network is the largest high-speed wireless network in America. That means you get connections from a network you can trust.