Go Beyond Taking Photos.
Far Beyond.

Camera phones do so much more than they used to. Now you can take great photos, video chat and more — in so many styles.

Focus on Megapixels

Digital images are made up of thousands of tiny dots called megapixels. Together, all of these dots comprise a single image. That means the more megapixels you have, the better quality you get for things like photos, videos, the web, and video chat.

How many megapixels do you need? Check out the photos to the right, and see the difference megapixels can make.

1 Megapixel

Great for: Web Images

3 Megapixel

Great for: Web Images,
Video Chat

8 Megapixel

Great for: Web Images,
Video Chat, Hi-Res Photography

Picture These Apps


FatBooth. It's one of the most popular apps ever. Discover what you or your friends would look like with a "few" extra pounds.

Available for: iOS, Blackberry and Android

Cameras. Discover A New Angle.


Seamlessly record and edit videos. Capture moments and send them to friends and family, or upload them to your computer and social network with ease.

Front Facing Cameras

Video chat face-to-face, take self-portraits, and so much more. Front-facing cameras are now available on select smartphones and other devices.

HDR Photography

Capture moments the way you see them with your eyes. Whether it's day or night, HDR photography makes sure photos are never under or overexposed.