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With a powerful Verizon smartphone you'll experience everything from surfing the web to watching movies to social media and gaming.


Windows Phone

So advanced, it's actually simple

Windows Phone powered by Verizon is designed to be
both advanced and simple. There's not much to learn
because it runs on windows - to do more than you
ever imagined on a smartphone.


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LTE is a trademark of ETSI.

  • explore_win8x_live_tiles

    Live Tiles

    Simple to navigate and customize - Just pin what matters most right to your homescreen

  • explore_win8x_people

    People Hub

    Shows you real time updates,tweets,posts and messages from all your social networks and contacts in one place.

  • explore_win8x_usage

    Data Sense

    Designed to make the most of your data plan, this feature automatically tracks your data and lets you set limits and alerts.

  • explore_win8x_4glte

    When your Windows Phone is powered by Verizon 4G LTE, you'll breeze through uploads and downloads without breaking a sweat.


Smartphones. A Closer Look.

Touchscreen and Keyboard

Tap to text, talk, game and more with a touchscreen. Zoom in and out with a pinch of your fingers. You can even drag and drop icons to customize your home screen. Want a full-sized keyboard? There are options for that, too.


Prepaid Plans

Our Prepaid Smartphone Plan lets you do it all without the commitment of an annual contract. Watch video on YouTube, visit your favorite websites, or play action-packed games. It's all up to you. There are no credit checks, hidden fees or bills.

Smartphone Data

Do More with Data

Smartphones are smart because of data — from e-mail to surfing the web. Do more of the things you love with a data plan.

Wifi or Data

Data or Wi-Fi

Connect through Wi-Fi or on the Verizon network. With a Verizon smartphone, you're good to go.


Coverage and Network

Talk, text, surf, work – and do all the things you love over the largest high-speed wireless network in America.


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