Verizon Wireless and Bright House Networks FAQs

General Information

  1. Who is eligible to purchase Bright House Network service?

    • Reside in specific market where this offer is available.
    • Sign up for new service on a qualifying Bright House Network service:
      • Double Play Offers
      • Triple Play Offers
  2. I am already a Bright House Network customer. Can I get service through Verizon Wireless?


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  3. Is there any special offer for signing up for Bright House Network service?

    Yes. New customers can recieve up to a $100 prepaid card by mail. To be eligible for the special offer, a new customer must:

    • Sign up for a qualifying Bright House Networks Double or Triple Play bundle from Verizon Wireless
      • Subscribe to a new Triple Play bundle will recieve a $100 prepaid card by mail
      • Subscribe to a new Double Play bundle will recieve a $50 prepaid card by mail
    Limited time offer available in select cities at partici[ating retail locations or by calling 1-866-822-9466.

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  4. When will I get my prepaid card by mail?

    Prepaid card will be mailed to Bright House account holder within 14-16 weeks of all service activation. Note: funds expire in 90 days.

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  5. Where is the Bright House Network and Verizon Wireless Special Offer available?

    The offer is currently available in select markets. Please call us at 866-396-0444 to see if the offer is available in your area.

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  6. Which company will bill me for my services?

    You will receive a bill from Bright House Network for your Bright House Network services and a separate bill from Verizon Wireless for your Verizon Wireless services.

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  7. Which company should I call if I have a question about service?

    Please call Bright House Network for questions about your Bright House Network services at 1-866-309-EASY (3279). Call Verizon Wireless with any questions regarding your Verizon Wireless device or services at 1-800-2 JOIN IN.

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