Cox Communications

General Information

1.     Are there any promotions when signing up for Cox?

  • FREE Installation when you sign up for a new Three Product Bundle.
  • Select Three Product Bundles include HBO and Cinemax for 24 months.
  • STARZ Free for 12 months on Three Product Bundles.

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2.     Where can customers sign up for Cox?

Customers can learn more about this offer through several methods: in person at a Verizon Wireless Store; by phone 1-877-897-2415; or online by visiting

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3.     What is Contour?

  • The full Contour experience includes:
    • The intuitive Contour Guide.
    • Personalized recommendations for up to eight users in your home.
      • Seven individual user profiles can be accessed from the app.
      • The eighth user is the default user from in the home (cannot be personalized).
    • A Contour App for your iPad or Android Tablet that serves up the shows you like based on what you watch and the choices you make. With the Contour App, you can watch live TV and On Demand shows on your iPad or Android Tablet anywhere in your house plus you can access TV network mobile apps even when you're away from home.
    • The Record 6 DVR which lets you record up to six shows at once and store up to 1,000 hours of SD programming or 300 hours of HD programming.
  • Capabilities of the new Record 6 DVR:
    • Allows you to record up to six shows at once and has a two Terabyte hard drive that can store up to 1,000 hours of SD or 300 hours of HD programs.
    • Whole home networking, you can also use the Record 6 DVR to watch recorded shows in any room of your house.
  • To know if you have Contour - the guide will display a logo on the bottom left.
    • Customers can have the Contour Guide only and not have access to the Contour app if they have TV package below Cox TV Preferred.
    • If they want access to the full experience (app functionality and Record 6 DVR function), then they will have to subscribe to Cox TV Preferred or better and Cox Internet Preferred or better.
  • To receive recommendations:
    • Contour learns what you like based on your viewing habits and the feedback you provide on programming suggestions through the "like" or "dislike" options.
    • With the Contour Guide and app, your profile recommendations are developed based on your individual viewing patterns on both the TV and Contour App.
      • This is possible because your profile is stored in the cloud and is accessed by both.

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4.     What is Price Lock Guarantee?

  • Guarantees promotional pricing for 24 months (Must sign up for a plan that has price lock guarantee as an option and sign a 2-yr contract)

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5.     Is there an Early Termination Fee if I cancel or downgrade my service?

  • An early termination charge of up to $240 may apply if a customer cancels or downgrade Cox TV, Internet, or basic phone after the first 30 days of your contract term of their Price Lock Guarantee (PLG) plan. No terminate fees will be applicable on Non-PLG plans.
  • ETF is charged and prorated automatically by the Cox billing system.
  • The calculation for the prorated ETF amount is determined by dividing the full ETF by the number of months the service agreement lasts (i.e. 24 months) and multiplying this amount by the number of months remaining in the service agreement term.

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6.     What happens to the existing PLG when you change your service?

  • An existing customer with a PLG already on their account can change tiers of service or add ancillary services without any impact to the PLG
  • If the service downgrades or disconnects a Core Product, then the PLG will detach and trigger an Early Termination Fee

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7.     What services does the price lock guarantee cover?

        TV:  Advanced, Preferred or Premier service       

       INTERNET:  Any level of Cox High Speed Internet (HSI) service

       PHONE: Essentials or Premier (CDT) service

      Other Features: All other features on the account are covered and protected from rate changes including Premiums, Paks, DVR or HD service,        
Additional Outlet Fees, and Phone Features.

       NOTE: Removal of features from the account or changes are allowed and do not result in an ETF.

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8.     Will customers receive one bill from both companies?

No. Customers will receive a bill from Verizon Wireless for their Verizon Wireless services and a separate bill from Cox for Cox services.

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9.     Will customers sign one contract?

No. Customers will sign an agreement with VZW for Verizon Wireless service and a separate contract with Cox for Cox services

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