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Parent & Child® Magazine

Inspiration from Scholastic, the trusted leader in education

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Get practical advice from the magazine that's all about you and your child. Every issue of Scholastic Parent & Child is our guide to raising happy, confident kids. From trusted education advice to activity ideas, travel tips and nutritious recipes your kids will love. Parent & Child is there to help your kids succeed.

Pearson At Home

Tools to Help Your Children

Is after dinner homework chaos part of your nightly routine?

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Award-Winning Online Educational Resources

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Engage kids at home, at school or on their mobile devices with captivating movies and quizzes from BrainPOP. Delve into hundreds of topics from science to social studies to math and the arts.


An eReading platform for improving literacy

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Copia helps kids develop essential reading skills and build a strong foundation for learning.

The education website that connects you with an expert online tutor

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Students can use their mobile device to connect to a live online tutor 24/7. is the world's most trusted tutoring service with more than 10 million online tutoring sessions since 1998. And, 95% of students who use report better grades.**

**Claim of 95% of students reporting better grades is based on a post session survey of student respondents.


{ Powerful Answers } Award-Winning App

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Create and play learning games to teach and learn about anything! Become a pro in any topic from languages, math, arts & crafts, cooking, sciences, and more by playing fun, interactive games created by people around the world just like you!