Music & Tones

Music & Tones

Audio Personalization and Music Streaming Services

  • Rock the airwaves with Ringtones & Ringback Tones
  • Access unlimited ad-free streaming music from Slacker® and Rhapsody®
  • Identify songs and images with iD

Replace the Ring with Ringback Tones

Entertain your callers by replacing the standard ringtone with a custom song clip! Ringback Tones let your friends rock out to your hand-picked music while they wait for you to answer your phone. Choose from thousands of Ringback Tones, from current top hits to TV theme songs.


  • Set your tones to play for specific days, times and callers
  • Manage up to 100 Ringback Tones to create a unique sound for every situation
  • Shop traditional Ringtones and download them directly to your phone
  • iPhone® users: Dial **MYTONES  |  FAQs
Media Store
Slacker App

Slacker® App

With millions of songs, hundreds of expert-programmed stations and endless personalization, Slacker gives listeners anytime, anywhere access to the word's best music and entertainment. Listen for free on any device or subscribe and enjoy a commercial-free experience with offline listening and on-demand access to millions of songs and albums.


  • Enjoy millions of songs and hundreds of expert-programmed stations
  • Personalized news, sports and talk from ABC, ESPN and more
  • "Heart" and Ban tracks to quickly and easily personalize your experience
  • No monthly listening limits

Rhapsody® App

Play and download millions of songs - from chart topping hits to obscure album cuts - on your smart phone, tablet and computer. This is more than just internet radio. This is the power to play exactly the songs you want, wherever you are.


  • Listen to ad-free, high-quality audio
  • Build playlists or just sit back and listen to artist-themed radio stations
  • View editorially-curated staff picks and articles
  • Discover new releases every Tuesday
Rhapsody App

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