Visual Voice Mail

Visual Voice Mail

Manage Your Messages

  • Check your messages the way you want, right from your phone's screen
  • Scroll through your messages and play, archive, or erase with one tap
  • Set custom voice greetings, leave messages without calling, and more



Custom Greetings

Create up to 10 different voice mail greetings for specific people or groups


Leave voice mails for others without calling
them first.


Create and distribute voice messages to up to 20 groups with up to 50 people in each group.

Easier Inbox

See who left a message before listening to it. Then, listen to or delete your messages in any order.

More Storage

Receive voice mails up to 5 minutes long and keep them for up to 40 days. Archive your messages to your phone's memory to keep them permanently.

Forward Callers

Give people who call you the option to reach you at a different number before leaving a voice mail.

More Info

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