Account Videos | How to Activate Your Device

Length: 2:59


Watch this video to learn how to activate a device on your existing My Verizon account.

Once you've activated your device, check out Top 10 Things to Do With Your New Smartphone for valuable information on getting up and running quickly.

Show Transcript

If you’ve just received your new upgraded device, or maybe you just want to use a different device - My Verizon makes activation painless, and walks you through every step.

To get started, sign into My Verizon and select “Activate or Switch Device” from the left hand navigation. If you have multiple lines on your account, first select the device that you’re replacing. If you’re activating your new “upgrade” device, you will start with a prompt to confirm your order information, checking specifically for the Order Number and Location Code from your customer receipt included with your shipment with what is appearing online.  We’ll review the next steps for backing up and restoring your contacts later in the video.

If you’re activating a device that is not an upgrade, you’ll start here, where you’ll designate if the replacement device that you’re activating is one that currently doesn’t have service, In this case you’ll select “Activate Device”.  If you’re switching devices between two plans on your account, you’ll select “Switch Device”.   Please watch the “How to Switch Your Device” video to get a walkthrough of that process.

Now let’s go through how to “Activate a Device.” Identify your new device by selecting if it has or has not been previously used with this account.
If you choose a device that has been previously used, select it from your device history, check to make sure the listed Device ID matches the device you are activating and click “Next”. If for some reason the device you previously used is not appearing in your device history then select the option “I am activating a device that I have not used with this account”.

Next, you’ll need to enter the Device ID. You can click the links on the page to see instructions on how to find the Device ID for the type that you’re activating. Once located, enter the ID and click Next. A little hint as you’re entering the device ID, is to always remember to use the number “0.”
If you have a 4G device, you’ll be asked if you have a SIM card.  If you select “I Have an Existing SIM card.” You’ll notice the page expands to allow you to enter the SIM ID If you don’t have a SIM card…select “Send me a new SIM card.”, and one will be sent to you.

Next, we recommend that you backup your contacts prior to completing activation for your new phone to ensure you don’t lose any contacts. Depending on your device, you’ll either see an option to run Backup Assistant, or click to view instructions to backup your contacts from your device. Once your backup is complete, you’ll see a confirmation. Click “Next” and you’ll see the page with the directions for any additional steps to complete your activation.

Once your new device is active you can restore your contacts on your new device. Click the link to view restore instructions for your device, and then follow the steps on the screen as you did when you backed up your contacts. You can also get information on using your device by clicking on the option to get support.  That’s it, now you’re ready to start using your new device.