Account Videos | How to Add a New Line of Service

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Follow these simple steps to add a new line of service to your existing Verizon Wireless account. For additional information, check out our FAQ page.

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In today’s world it’s all about connectivity.  With Verizon Wireless it’s all within your hands when it comes down to controlling your account.  This includes adding a new line of service.  Now trust me this is really easy!  Go to and sign in to My Verizon., or if you’re already signed in, just select “Add New Device” from the My Verizon Navigation.

First you’ll see a list of devices to choose from to add to your account. You can filter the options by selecting items within the list here (Category of phone-Smartphone/Basic phone, Brand/OS, Keyboard type, Features or Price). Click on any device you want more information on. You can also compare up to 5 devices at once to find the right one for you.  Now if you already have a device, click “I already have a device”, and you will be prompted to enter the device information here.
Otherwise make your device selection, and click “add to cart.” Next you can either add more devices or continue on to plans.

Let’s move on to the Plan page where you can select from several plan options. Review these plans to select the right one for you. Once you’ve made your selection, click “add to cart.”

For your new device you will need to make your Equipment Protection coverage selection. If you wish to add any additional features & services just choose what you would like, and  “Add to Cart.”

Want the latest and greatest in accessories?  Well…you can do that too.

Once you’ve got everything in place make sure to review your cart.  If your updates look good, make your shipping selection, enter any promo codes you may have and then click checkout to continue.  If you need to make any changes to your billing information, you can do that on the Customer Information page. You should also verify your shipping address too.

Now you’ll notice towards the bottom of the page you’ll see an image of your device, and just to the right you have the option to choose a new number from the drop down menu or you can transfer a number from another carrier.  Once you’ve made your choice click “Continue to Payment Info.”  Fill out all the necessary fields, review the customer agreement, then continue to review your order before completing your purchase. Once complete, you’ll get your Order Confirmation. You should print this for your records, but you will get a confirmation email as well. And That’s it!!!  Go forth and connect!