Account Videos | How to Change Your Calling Plan

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See how easy it is to change your calling plan with My Verizon.

Show Transcript

With My Verizon, you’re in control of your account.  If you are an Account Owner or Account Manager, you have the ability to Change Your Plan to suit your needs, without effect on your contract end date. 

First… go to and sign in to My Verizon.  Or if you’re already signed in, you can select “Change Minutes, Text or Data” from the My Verizon navigation.”  Next, you’ll see an overview of charges related to your current plan selections highlighted in blue. Depending on your current plan you will see one of two different flows.  If you are on a Nationwide Plan you’ll see the voice, messaging and data allotments available to you within your current plan. In addition to the options you currently have, there may be some new plans available such as the Share Everything plan. To learn more about these plans, click on the “View Share Everything Plans” link at the bottom of the page. If you choose to learn more about the “Share Everything” plans, you will be shown the plan options that are available to you so can select the flexibility and share-ability you need.  When you make your selection, you will see the monthly access fee noted at the bottom of the page.  If you decide to change your plan, click “Next”.  If the changes you have made create a conflict with your current feature selection, you will then be taken back to manage your features. Make any changes here. You will see your current and new charges listed on the right. Once you have completed your changes, click “Next”. If there is no conflict, you will go directly to choose your effective date. 

If you are currently on a Share Everything Plan, you will have a slightly different process.  On the Change Plan screen, the current data allotment you have selected to share across lines on your account will be highlighted in blue.  If you wish to make a change, simply select the data amount you would like, and click next.  You can view additional plan info or included features by clicking the links at the bottom of the page.  Regardless of which flow you are in, the Effective Date options will be shown along with a bulleted list of how the changes will impact your charges and allowances.  If you’ve increased your allowance, you may want to backdate to the start of your billing cycle to take immediate advantage of your new selection.  If you decreased your allowance, you may want to select a future date to keep your higher allowance until your next bill. Make the selection that best fits your needs.  If you choose today your allowances will be prorated You’ll see a credit for access billed in advance on the old plan and you’ll see a charge for access to the new plan from today’s date through the end of the current bill cycle.  Once you have made your selection, click “Next”.  Carefully review the changes you have made, and click Submit to complete the Plan Change. 

That’s it...  you just updated your calling plan!  And remember, this doesn’t have any effect on your contract term. We welcome you to check your usage often to make sure you’re on the best plan for you.