Account Videos | How to Change Features

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Watch this video to see how to change the features on your account in a few simple steps with My Verizon. Click here for additional information.

Show Transcript

Feel the need to make a change to your wireless account?  It’s okay…completely natural.  With My Verizon you can easily make numerous changes to the features and services on your wireless plan.  

First go to and Sign in to My Verizon, OR if you’re already signed in, you can select “Change features” from the My Verizon Navigation. Now if you have multiple lines on your account, you’ll first need to select the line you wish to change features on, and then click next.
You will see a list of the current features for that line. Here you can update your feature selections for things like Usage Controls, voice-mail, online storage, location services, music and video, tones and more.  Go ahead, and make any additions, or remove any features here, and click next. If you want to learn more about any of the features listed, we’ve got a great selection of videos for you to checkout.  

Once you make any changes to your features, you can select the date they go into effect. If you increased your allowance, you may want to backdate to immediately take advantage of your new selection. If you decreased your allowance, you may want to select a future date to keep your higher allowance until your next bill. Whichever date you choose be sure to read the bullet points listed for each option, as they may affect your current bill.  Once you've made your selection click next. Now you can review your new feature and service options and compare the current charges to the new charges. If everything looks good click submit.

Once the change is processed, you’ll receive a confirmation page letting you know your changes have been made.  See change is good!!