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Access Usage Analysis Reports to track and manage your minutes in My Verizon.

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To get quick reports on a variety of call types you can access, usage analysis reports in My Verizon. They allow you to track your minutes, messages, and data usage. And more over the past twelve months. After you've signed in to My Verizon, scroll down and click the more actions link under the I want to section. Under the bill category click the usage analysis reports link. On the next page you can select which month of service you wish analyzed, for whichever number you choose. Use the drop down menus to select the report you want to see. The bottom drop down menu allows you to check an array of different options, such as top ten most expensive calls, top ten called numbers and many more. When you've chosen the report you want to see click display. You'll now see a detailed analysis of your category. Usage analysis reports allows you to see how many minutes you spent during peak hours, your most expensive calls and more. It's easier than ever to track and manage your usage. So stay in control and don't go over your minutes by accessing usage analysis reports in My Verizon.