Account Videos | How to Pay Your Bill with the My Verizon Mobile App

Length: 1:25


Wathc this video to see how to pay your Bill on-the-go with the My Verizon Mobile App. Check our our FAQs for additional information.

Show Transcript

With the My Verizon Mobile App, you can pay your bill while on-the-go.  It doesn’t use any airtime or megabyte charges, so it’s easy to keep up with your Verizon wireless account.  The My Verizon Mobile app is pre-installed on most Android Devices, or if you have an iPhone or iPad, just go to the App Store and search for My Verizon to download. 

To get started, launch the My Verizon App from your device and Sign In.  Now, select “Bill” from the main navigation.  From this screen, select “Make a payment” from the top of the page  If it is your first time making a payment with the Mobile App, you will be presented with the payment security information. Review and then continue to make your payment.  If you don’t want to see this message every time, just check the box to not show the message again.  You’ll see your payment options on the next screen - if you have a payment method saved within your account, you will see that here. Otherwise, you can pay with a new account, or enroll in auto pay.  If you are paying with a new account, you will need to accept the Terms and Conditions before moving forward.  You can pay with electronic check, ATM, Credit or Debit card, or, you can even use a Verizon Wireless gift card. Make your selection, and follow the prompts to enter the account information.  If you would like to enroll in Auto Pay, you can do this with an existing account, or set up a new account. Make your choice, and enter your payment information.  When you have provided your payment information, you will then select the amount you would like to pay: the total amount due, or a different amount.  You will then be prompted to authorize your payment by selecting “I agree”. And this completes your payment!  Next time your monthly payment is due, try using the My Verizon Mobile App, and see just how easy it is to pay your bill on-the-go!