Account Videos | How to Set Up Verizon FamilyBase

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Verizon FamilyBase gives parents the information they need to make guided decisions about setting limits on their kids’ phone use and the tools needed to manage their kids’ wireless activities. Watch this video to get an overview and learn how to set it up!

Show Transcript

Your days can be hectic. At Verizon Wireless we understand managing your family is a fulltime job. That’s where Verizon FamilyBase comes in handy. FamilyBase gives parents the information they need to make guided decisions about setting limits on their kids’ phone use and the tools needed to manage their kids’ wireless activities. Texting at school, late night calls, even new friends can be identified with FamilyBase. All this new information helps parents teach their kids to be responsible wireless users.

Getting FamilyBase is easy. As an Account Owner simply go to and sign to My Verizon to get started, or if you’re already signed in, select “Manage Family Safeguards & Controls” from the My Verizon navigation and subscribe to FamilyBase. You can also download the Verizon FamilyBase app to subscribe.

FamilyBase includes a one month FREE trial, after that you pay only $4.99 per month, and that covers all the lines on your Verizon Wireless account.

In order to complete setup, you’ll be prompted to choose your “Parent Lines” and then choose “Child Lines” for which you’ll want to see activity. Next accept the Terms and Conditions and click “Continue.” You’ll receive a link via text to download the iPhone or Android parent application. To use the app, simply sign in with your “My Verizon” mobile number or user name and password.

Once you are subscribed to FamilyBase, you now have access to your personalized Dashboard where you can view activity and set controls for each of your kids’ phones.

If any of your kids have an Android phone, choose “Get Companion App” from their activity page to get additional features like “on-demand lock”, “app usage”, and “contact names.” We suggest that you have your kid’s Android phone with you to receive instructions via text message about downloading the Companion Application.

From the “Activity” tab within the Dashboard, you’ll be able to view text, call and app details over the past 7 days. To see all activity for any given day, choose “All Activity”.

When selecting the “Contacts” tab you’ll see a ranking of all your kid’s contacts in order of who they text or talk to the most. If you have concerns about their interaction with a specific contact, you can flag them to your watchlist and receive immediate notifications about activity between your kid and that specific contact. From the “Notifications tab”, you can even setup alerts to be notified immediately about any specific activity or
choose to receive a weekly summary e-mail for each of your kids.

Verizon FamilyBase gives you the option to restrict certain times that your kids use their phones. This really comes in handy during school hours, dinner-
time, and late at night. To access this feature, simply select the “Controls” tab. From here you can set scheduled time restrictions, which will prevent your kids from using their phones during those specified times.  If they have the Companion App, you’ll also notice from the “Controls Dashboard” that you have the option to immediately lock your kid’s phone in 30-minute increments. To unlock the phone simply select “Unlock”. Don’t worry; your kid can always access 911 in an emergency, even if the phone is locked.

You can set limits on the amount of data, voice or messaging you want to allow your kid to use by selecting “Manage Usage Limits” from the Controls page. You can also create an always “Trusted” and an always “Blocked Contacts” list to control who your kid can connect with.

If you’re using the FamilyBase mobile app, to view each of your kids’ activities, swipe to the right. Tap on “activity” for a summary, and to view detailed information. Next to your kid’s phone, expand the dropdown to view who they talk or text with the most. If your kid has the Android Companion App, you’ll also be able to view app usage from the dropdown. From the “settings” menu, you can update the phone names or change the time zone for your kid’s phone. The FamilyBase mobile app gives you the information you need, even while you’re on-the-go!

Just think of Verizon FamilyBase as your all access pass to everything family; Giving you the tools you need to help teach your kids’ how to use their phones safely and responsibly.