Account Videos | Enrolling in Paperless Billing & Bill Payment Methods

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With My Verizon, you have several options when it comes to your monthly bill and payments.  From paperless billing to Auto Pay, you can save time and money! If you have more questions about managing your account, you can also check out these FAQs.

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With My Verizon, you have several options when it comes to your monthly bill and payments.  From paperless billing to Auto Pay, you can save time and money!  To get started with Paperless Billing, sign into your My Verizon account.  Once you’re signed in, select “Paperless Billing” from the My Verizon navigation. This will take you to the Paperless Billing overview page.  Before completing your enrollment you will see an option to Enroll in Auto Pay. If you choose this option, your payment will be automatically debited each month, so you can avoid late fees. Make your selection and click continue. If you did not enroll in Auto Pay, you’re done! It’s that easy.

If you did choose the convenience of Auto Pay, click “Set Up Auto Pay” to complete the process.  If you’ve have previously saved a payment method, you can choose to use that account. If you haven’t saved your account information, you will need to “Add a new payment method” and enter your account information.  Choose the day you’d like your payment to occur each month. Now review and confirm the information and click next. You’ll be prompted to enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security number or your Federal Tax ID number, whichever is applicable, or your Billing Password and also your billing address for verification. The last step is to review Verizon’s Terms and Conditions. If you agree, simply click “Agree to Terms and Conditions” and then select “Submit” to complete your enrollment and receive your confirmation.  Auto Pay will go into effect for your next bill cycle, so you will still need to make one last manual payment for this month’s bill.  With Paperless Billing, you'll receive an email or alert when your bill is ready to view each month.  With Auto Pay, your payment will be on time each month. 

Another way to sign up for Auto Pay, is to select “Auto Pay” from the My Verizon navigation and follow the steps mentioned above.  If you’d rather pay each month on your own, you can save your payment information within My Verizon.  Select “Pay Bill” from the My Verizon Navigation. This takes you to the bill payment page where you can see your balance due and due date.    Confirm the payment amount, and select your payment method. We recommend you use your checking account, but you can also choose ATM, Debit or Credit card, or a Verizon Wireless Gift Card, under “More Payment Options”.  Enter your payment information and click next.  Review and confirm the information, accept the Terms and Conditions, and submit your payment.  It’s that easy to pay your bill online with My Verizon or on your device with the My Verizon Mobile App. Check out the video for an easy walk through, and get started today!