Account Videos | Introducing Verizon Smart Rewards

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Introducting Verizon Smart Rewards-- a program that allows you to earn points for doing the things you already do. as a Verizon customer. Use your points to get great deals every day with big savings on brand name merchandise, 50% off at your favorite restaurants, and guaranteed lowest prices on travel. Watch this video to learn more.

Show Transcript

Choosing Verizon Wireless has never been more rewarding. INTRODUCING VERIZON SMART REWARDS-- a program that allows you to earn points for doing the things you already do.

When you join Verizon Smart Rewards, you'll start with at-least 10,000 points plus extra bonus points for every year you've been with Verizon. That’s right. You already have enough points to start taking advantage of rewards today.

You'll be amazed at how easy it is to earn more points. You’ll earn points for things like paying your bill...for every dollar you spend on your MORE EVERYTHING data allowance... even just by signing in to My Verizon to manage your account.

Redeem your points for BIG savings and guaranteed lowest prices on brand names you love: like gear from Lacoste.... footwear from Steve Madden... and items from Fossil. Even top-of-the-line audio equipment from SMS Audio... and plenty more.

Your Verizon Smart Rewards points are also good to enter for a chance to win sweepstakes and auctions. Prizes include everything from electronics to sports tickets. From music to dining out, save 10% off the retail price on more than 150 gift cards.

With Verizon Smart Rewards, the world is waiting. Get the guaranteed lowest price on hotels and condos, car rentals, even cruises.

But you don't have to go far to save. Treat yourself with Local Deals. Use points at your local brand name retailers and department stores. Local Deals can also be used at your nearby favorite restaurants. For example, you can get digital coupons for up to 50% off your next meal out.

Turns out, it’s now easier than ever to get rewarded simply for doing the things you already do as a Verizon customer. There’s something for everyone, and it’s our way of saying THANKS.

To begin using your first 10,000 points, register today. With so many ways to reward yourself, from gift cards to deals to discounts, there's no telling where your Verizon Smart Rewards points can take you.