Account Videos | How to Earn Points with Verizon Smart Rewards

Length: 1:55


Earning points is easy with Verizon Smart Rewards. You can earn points every month for doing things you already do, like signing in to My Verizon. Watch this video to see all the ways you can earn points to get the things you want now.

Show Transcript

So let’s get right to it: we want to show you just how easy it is to EARN your Verizon Smart Rewards … and how valuable these points can be in saving you money on things you like most.

For starters, you can earn points for signing in to My Verizon and doing simple things like: opting for Auto Pay with your checking account… or signing up for paperless billing. Even paying your monthly bill will earn you valuable, useable points!

Just check out your monthly statement: you’ll see that it doesn’t take much to earn a whole lot of points. In fact, you’re earning them on things you already do… So they really add up fast.

And consider this: for the $10 that you might spend for connecting your tablet, you’ll earn 1,000 points back every month and 50 points for every dollar you spend on your More Everything data plan.

Say you want to buy an accessory at a Verizon store or online: Great! That’s 2,000 points right there with your purchase.

And that monthly Verizon Wireless bill? Well, that’s 10 points…for every dollar you spend. Plus, if you sign up for Paperless Billing, you’ll get 2,500 points, and another 500 points for every month you stay paperless.

You get the idea. The value you get for doing things you already do is HUGE. And since you already started with points when you joined Smart Rewards, you can start using them today on local deals, gift cards, savings on brand name merchandise, sweepstakes, auctions, and guaranteed low prices on travel. It's all part of Verizon Smart Rewards, and it’s just OUR way of saying thank you for being a loyal Verizon customer.

Check out your monthly statement to see how many points you’ve received, how many you’ve used, and how many points are left in your balance to spend on your next awesome reward.

With so many ways to reward yourself with Verizon Smart Rewards, there’s no telling where your points can take you. Visit to discover more ways to earn Smart Rewards and save big.